News and updates from AWI's Quality Certification Program
July 10, 2006
Published Quarterly
Biennial Re-Test Period Ends Aug. 1, 2006
In accordance with QCP program policies, we are asking all certified firms who have not re-tested within the past two years, to do so by Aug. 1, 2006.  Section II.G.7 of the Policy manual states:  "Participants are required to complete and submit to biennial testing as furnished by the QCP administrative office." Online testing is now available at To obtain login assistance or to obtain a hard copy of the test via mail, please contact


Special Offer for Ordering Labels Online
To encourage use of the new website, the QCP will give a complimentary QCP baseball cap to those participants who go online to place the first 10 project label orders via the website. To order labels and Certificates of Compliance online, visit our website, or click here.


Comments, suggestions and questions may be directed to the editor at

QCP Revises Policies; Tightens Specifications Commitments

The QCP recently enacted new program policies designed to solidify architect commitment for the QCP specifications. Beginning July 1, 2006, the QCP will:

1) Confirm the QCP specifications with the project architect [Section III.A.3].

2) Notify the architect, general contractor and other interested parties that labels/Certificates of Compliance will not be issued on projects for which the QCP becomes aware that a non-certified woodworker is contracted for that job [Section III.C.18]. Non-certified firms may apply to the program, and pending successful completion of the application process, are then eligible to order labels/Certificates to certify their projects.

Other policy revisions include notification that applicants can expect the application process to take about 90 days [Section II.A.9].

Revised QCP Policy booklets will be mailed to all certified firms this summer. To view a copy now, visit the QCP website or click here.

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Label School Projects Early to Avoid Delay

The QCP staff asks all program participants to request labels and/or Certificates of Compliance early for your upcoming school projects. Historically, label requests for school projects pickup in August and September. Submitting requests for labels/Certificates well before then will ensure your labels/Certificates arrive on time and without delay of the project. This is particularly important if your project requires inspection because QCP program policies ask that all firms allow about 6 weeks from receipt of the label request form to schedule an inspection [Section III.B.3]. Questions about requesting labels/Certificates of Compliance may be directed to Tricia Roberts,

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AWI Executive Vice President Judy Durham Departs After 21 Years

After 21 years of service to AWI, Executive Vice President Judy Durham is leaving in pursuit of a new association executive job that will allow her to devote more time to her family. Her last day with AWI is July 7.

Ms. Durham began her career with AWI in 1985 as a membership assistant. In 1987, she was promoted to director of administration, and in 1994 she became executive vice president. During her tenure at AWI, the association's budget more than doubled from $1.2 million to $3.5 million, and manufacturing membership also doubled from 500 to more than 1,000 members currently.

AWI has formed a search committee to find a successor, however a candidate may not be chosen for several months. Until that time, issues previously handled by Ms. Durham may be directed to Phil Duvic, AWI Marketing Director, or Katie Allen, Office Manager,

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Clarification of QCP Spec. Language

While we frequently see many variations of the QCP spec. language, the correct language, as provided by MASTERSPEC(c), is as follows:

Quality Standard: Unless otherwise indicated, comply with AWI's "Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards" for grades of interior architectural woodwork, construction, finishes, and other requirements.

1.) Provide AWI Quality Certification Program [labels] [certificates] indicating that woodwork [including installation] complies with requirements of grades specified.
This project has been registered as AWI/QCP Project No. ___. OR, the Contractor, upon award of work shall register the work under this section of the AWI Quality Certification Program, (800) 449-8811.

The above paragraphs are requirements for MASTERSPEC(c) Section 06402 - Interior
Architectural Woodwork. They are used by permission of ARCOM, publishers of
MASTERSPEC(c) for the American Institute of Architects.

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Most Frequently Missed Details Found At Inspection

The next several issues of the Quality Times will explore a running list of the top 10 most frequently missed details seen by QCP inspectors during inspections. In this issue, we explore two of those details:

  1. Wide cabinets have 3/4" thick shelves when 1" is required. Consult schedule 400-G-8: "Minimum nominal thickness and material for cabinet components (Other than doors)"-  Adjustable shelves-MDF/Industrial grade particle board - 19MM [3/4"] for spans up to 813mm [32"],  25.4mm [1"] for spans up to 1067mm [42"].
  2. Extremely dark trim is placed adjacent to extremely light trim on a desk or bench. Section 300-T-9 addresses requirements for [premium grade] well matched for grain and color, and [custom grade] compatible for color requirements.

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