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January 11, 2007
Published Quarterly
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QCP Participant Coordinator, Chris Denhardt

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2007 QCP Renewals Due Jan. 31

The deadline for certified firms to submit 2007 QCP renewal fees is Jan. 31, 2007. If you have already submitted your renewal, we thank you and look forward to serving your certification needs in the New Year! If you haven’t sent in your renewal yet, please be sure to do so before the Jan. 31 deadline, and don’t forget to include the $300 late fee (as stated in the QCP Policy Manual.) You may renew by mail, fax or online at You will need your username and password to utilize the online registration form. Renewals postmarked after the Jan. 31 deadline will be returned.

Upon receipt of your renewal payment, you will be issued a 2007 Certificate of Participation. Please review your certificate for accuracy as soon as you receive it, and notify the QCP office if anything appears incorrect. Note that this certificate simply confirms your company’s eligibility to certify projects. It does not certify any particular project and should not be used in place of Certificates of Compliance or labels.

Biennial Retest Requirement
If you have been asked to comply with the QCP policy requiring all certified firms to retest every two years, please be sure to do that as soon as possible to avoid delay of your 2007 participation certificate.

Should you have any questions about renewal or retest policies, please contact Chris Denhardt, QCP Participant Coordinator, at (571) 323-3610 or

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QCP Participant and Applicant Outlook for 2007

Based on strong participant and project numbers to date, the QCP program is expected to remain healthy through 2007.

To date, the QCP program has 447 certified firms and more than 40 applicants. Renewals are also doing well, given that about 85 percent of certified firms have renewed their participation in the program for 2007. The renewal period ends Jan. 31, 2007.

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QCP Project Outlook for 2007

The QCP has experienced a phenomenal 40 percent increase in the number of projects labeled during the first quarter of 2007, compared with the first quarter of last year. The reason? “More and more architects and owners are recognizing the quality assurance benefits and protection offered by the program,” says QCP Project Manager Tricia Roberts.

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QCP Helps Istanbul Firm Improve Project Quality

Papirus in Istanbul, Turkey was recently certified by the QCP to produce, finish and install work in nearly all QSI sections. They have already completed two QCP-certified projects, both U.S. Embassies for Africa.

Like many firms in Turkey, they are a labor intensive company with very basic machinery that produces outstanding work. Upon inspection of their plant, however, I found a few opportunities for improvement. Concealed hinges were machined with a horizontal boring spindle on the end of the jointer boring with a 35 mm hole for the hinge. Upon revelation that the hinge was to be attached to the door using a wood screw, out came the Quality Standards Illustrated manual (QSI) to explain that a plastic insert was required. With the help of the QSI, we also were able to raise awareness of concealed hinge machinery that performs boring and insertion simultaneously. At the next inspection, I was pleasantly surprised to find Paprius had not only complied with the plastic insert requirement for the hinges, but they had already purchased a new machine for hinge boring and insertion.

Papirus is a great example of a firm who benefited from the QCP and the QSI. Not only were we able to improve the quality of their hinge assembly, but by pointing out the availability of machinery to streamline hinge boring and insertion, we were able to help simplify their manufacturing operations. I’d call that a win-win situation.

This article was contributed by QCP Representative Gordon Graham. Questions about this article may be directed to Mr. Graham at

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QCP Welcomes New Participant Coordinator Chris Denhardt


Chris Denhardt has joined the QCP team as Participant Coordinator. Previously, Mr. Denhardt worked for the American  Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as Laboratory Accreditation Specialist. In that role, he was responsible for  educating and ensuring laboratory compliance with AIHA accreditation policies and procedures. He also has experience  creating reports and streamlining processes for evaluating customer satisfaction. Mr. Denhardt replaces Kara Thorp who was recently promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications for AWI. Mr. Denhardt holds B.A. degrees in English and Secondary Education from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va. He can be reached at or (571) 323-3610.

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Marketing the Benefits of Certification

Most QCP participants feel marketing is a key benefit of the QCP. Use of the widely recognized QCP logo for example, is an excellent way to set your firm apart from the rest. Use of the QCP logo on business cards, letterhead, company vehicles and shop drawings is encouraged.

Promotion of your certification credentials and the rigorous testing and inspection process conducted and verified by QCP – an impartial, third-party – can really help identify your firm as top-notch! Additional benefits include:

  • Assurance that your client will receive exactly what they specified, following an inspection.
  • Pre-qualification for a project even before the bidding begins.
  • Resources to help prevent delivery and installation of non-compliant work.
  • Prevention of payment delays due to non-compliant work claims.
  • Availability of inspections, if needed.

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QCP Rep. Spotlight

Ernest Perez is the QCP Representative for the state of Texas. Mr. Perez has more than 40 years experience in the architectural woodwork industry. Upon graduating from high school, Mr. Perez went to work for Terrill Manufacturing in San Angelo. He began working in the shop, and worked his way up to Vice President of Sales before retiring in 1996. Since then, Mr. Perez has devoted his time to serving as QCP Representative for one of the most active states in the country. He also is available and experienced in giving presentations on the QCP to local woodworking and architectural design firms.

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