News and updates from AWI's Quality Certification Program
September 25, 2007
Published Quarterly
QCC Board of Directors

QCC President
William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI
Freeman White Architects, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
Doug Carney
R & S Casework, Inc.
Fargo, ND  
Craig Elias
Elias Studios
Pittsburgh, PA
David Kay
Clancy & Theys Construction
Raleigh, NC
Rick Kogler
Strategic Development
Baton Rouge, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA
Shows Leary
Shows Leary Project
Petersburg, NY
Gil Long
Mesa, AZ
Mark Wonfor
Northern Custom
Cabinetry, Inc.
Wixom, MI  

Philip Duvic *
Architectural Woodwork
Potomac Falls, VA  
Patrick Nartker *
2006-2007 AWI Treasurer
Ted Bolle Millwork, Inc.
Springfield, OH

* ex officio 



QCC Board of Directors
October 6, 2007
Louisville, KY

The board, which convenes in
the fall each year, is responsible
for program oversight, including
policies and budgets.


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About QCP

Quality Certification:
What it Means for You!

For Architects, Designers
and Owners:

* Ensures compliance with
Architectural Woodwork 
Quality Standards

* Verifies the skills and
abilities of architectural
woodwork manufacturers
on a project-specific basis.

For Contractors:

* Offers a valuable resource
to eliminate headaches before
they arise on the project.

* Verifies the capability and
compliance of architectural
woodwork manufacturers,
finishers and installers on a
project-specific basis.

For Woodworkers:

* Adds an extra level of
credibility and quality to
your firm's hard-earned

* Denotes that your firm
consistently demonstrates
a strong level of competence
and a proven ability to
produce high quality work.

And much more...

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click here.

Quality Times – A Resource About Quality Assurance for Your Architectural Woodwork Projects

The AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) is a valuable quality assurance tool that ensures custom, interior architectural woodwork, one of the most highly visible aspects of many projects. Stay informed about QCP to reduce risk on your next project!  Quality Times reports about the value of compliance with Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated, the recognized standard of excellence in fine architectural woodwork throughout North America, and certification of QSI-compliant projects, providing assurance that the product specified is the product received. For a FREE subscription to quarterly editions of Quality Times, click here

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QCC Program Policy Changes Strengthen Test Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2008, all QCP participants that are due for biennial testing will be required to complete the mandatory biennial process in order to maintain their QCP participation within the calendar year.

During a review of the “QCC Certification Program Policies,” the QCC Board of Directors recently made a number of changes relating to the incorporation of the AWI Quality Certification Corporation. 

This substantive change, however, that relates to the QCP renewal process will affect all participants whose renewal also requires biennial re-testing in calendar year 2008. Such renewing members will have 12 months to complete re-testing by the end of 2008 to fulfill compliance requirements. 

Watch for more details in subsequent communications from QCC and upcoming issues of Quality Times.

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The View From Here

Quality Assurance All Along the Line
By William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI, CDT, Freeman White, Inc.

As I consider the scope and complexity of architectural projects, I wanted to begin this series of articles in Quality Times by discussing the value of a certification program in the risk management process.

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) provides an independent, third party, quality assurance review to establish that the product, which the owner has purchased, is indeed what was provided.

Projects such as medical facilities, schools, and government buildings that are specified to comply with the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI), and require "green" compliance, demand another level of assurance.

For example, if the owner has contracted for a LEED®* project, without conformance to custom or premium grade millwork specified in the QSI that a QCP review during the manufacturing of the millwork would validate, it may be challenging and / or difficult for the owner or the project contractor to confirm that the required products specified have been fabricated and installed in compliance. Further, to respond to the challenges of a "green" project and invest the time, effort and resources needed without ensuring compliance with the QSI could jeopardize the success of the project not to mention the professional reputation of all parties involved.

Is the owner receiving what was specified?  What if the owner is a school district which has used the LEED® compliance as a concept for marketing purposes in order to achieve a local bond referendum citing a healthier building for the community’s children and after being built he could not prove such compliance?  All parties involved could be at risk.

The QCP may be the single feature that redeems a person (owner or woodworker) or situation; i.e. the saving grace.

From a risk management perspective, QCP:

  • Confirms to the owner that the product he purchased has been correctly and properly fabricated;
    Assures the general contractor that what he has been contracted to do was done;
  • Validates to the designer that what has been drawn and specified has been provided  according to the contract; and
  • Eliminates from the woodworker, who followed the Quality Standards Illustrated and was involved in third party review, any challenge against him for nonconformance.

All along the line, a third party review provides proof that the project has been built not only according to plans and specs but also in compliance with industry standards. That’s peace of mind!

* Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™ was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.


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We’ve Got You Covered!

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) has a broad reach extending throughout the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, as the attached map of QCP Participants indicates. 

Seventeen QCP Representatives cover the territory supporting the program with project inspections in their assigned regions. The QCP reps are the program’s experts in the field, serving as technical resources to help QCP participants pass inspections without a hitch.  All QCP reps are thoroughly trained and tested by QCC for familiarity and compliance with the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated.

To schedule a project inspection, contact QCC Project Specialist Tricia Roberts at

To schedule a plant inspection, contact QCC Participant Coordinator Nick Compton at

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Welcome to New QCP Participants

Participation in QCP grew again in recent months.  Who are the 10 new participants welcomed by the Quality Certification Corporation? 

Ashland Woodwork, Ashland, VA
Date Certified: 8/20/07
Grade/Sections: 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1600, 1700

Bledsoe Cabinets, Boise, ID
Date Certified: 8/16/07
Grade/Sections: 400abc, 1700

CKC Manufacturing, St. Louis, MO
Date Certified: 7/19/07
Grade/Sections: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1600

Concepts Plus, LLC, Traverse City, MI
Date Certified: 7/19/07
Grade/Sections: 400bc

Designers Specialty Millwork, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Date Certified: 7/19/07
Grade/Sections: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 700, 900, 1500, 1600, 1700

K. P Cabinets, Cuero, TX
Date Certified: 7/16/07
Grade/Sections: 300, 400abc, 600, 1600, 1700

Lancia Brothers Woodworking & Fixture, St. Louis, MO
Date Certified: 8/13/07
Grade Sections: 300, 400c, 500, 1500

PCI Cabinetworks, Harleysville, SC
Date Certified: 7/31/07
Grade/Sections: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 900, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600
S & W Inc., Chaffee, MO
Date Certified: 7/20/07
Grade/Section: 400c

Samuels Millwork, Chantilly, VA
Date Certified: 7/19/07
Grade/Sections: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1700

Visit these and other participants on the QCP web site.  For a complete listing of all QCP participants, go to and click on “Find a Certified Firm/Project.” Search by company name, city, state, country and Certified Section of Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated.  There are 465 Qualified QCP participants to choose from for your next architectural woodwork project.

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Register Projects Early; Assure Job Quality!

In the past eleven months since October 1, 2006, QCP has registered over 1300 new projects.  At press time there are over 1400 active projects. 

In order for QCC to provide effective inspection and certification services, we ask for your assistance by registering your projects prior to or at bid time.  Anyone on the construction team may register a project.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Project registration assures the quality of the job and customer satisfaction all up the line to the ultimate project owner. Experience shows that Quality Certification reduces building costs by assuring woodwork quality right from the start.

To register a project, go to or call the QCC offices toll-free at 800.449.8811.

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Tech Talk – What Does That Word Mean?

“Melamine”...The specification reads: 6. Cabinet Doors: 1. Plastic Laminate Casework:
2. Faces: Plastic laminate on both sides of door face and melamine laminate at inside of cabinet.

In the QSI, section 200-G-5, the word melamine is used in the description of Thermoset Decorative Overlay panels.  The word is also used in the picture illustration of High Pressure Decorative Laminates.  In the notes section of 200-T-11, the word melamine is used when describing Thermoset Decorative Overlay panels.

I normally refer to the term melamine panel as a panel loosely defined as a particleboard or MDF core with a color sheet and a clear sheet fused to the panel face with no other laminate build up.

The word melamine does not appear in the WoodWords Glossary in the QSI.

Where does that leave us?

In the case of the above referenced specification, upon closer reading of the document, under “Plastic Laminate Materials; Melamine Laminate:”  Thermoset melamine cabinet liner is called out.  My interpretation of that statement means CLS cabinet liner.

As the judge says, “What say you?”

Gordon Graham
QCP Representative 

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QCC Reaches Diverse Audience of Specifiers

The Quality Certification Program outreach effort is gaining more and more ground.  QCP is featured in a profile called “Stamp of Quality” in the August issue of The Construction Specifier Magazine, published by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

The one-page profile describes the benefits of QCP and its relationship to Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated. The profile will be seen by over 15,000 specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors and building material suppliers on the circulation list of CS magazine.  The publication can be accessed online at www.csinet.orgClick here to read the QCP profile!

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QCP Rep Spotlight – Gordon Graham

Get Acquainted with Your QCP Rep...

Gordon has been in the architectural woodwork industry since 1960, starting on the shop floor as a cabinetmaker, on to the “front” office as a draftsman/general office, and then advancing to Vice President of Engineering & Project Management.  In 1987 Gordon became the General Manager of an architectural woodwork manufacturing facility overseeing all facets of manufacturing, finishing and installation for Premium Grade woodwork.  In 1994, Gordon Graham & Associates, Inc. was established as an architectural woodwork consulting service to the woodwork industry and the design community. In this capacity Gordon has had the opportunity to present several seminars on architectural woodwork from the basics to more complicated issues.  An Affiliate member of AWI, Gordon has recently been nominated as a Senior Ambassador of AWI.  In addition, Gordon is active in the QCP as the program’s Western Region Manager and Representative certifying woodworkers and woodwork projects. Prior to retirement in 2005, Gordon was active in the Colorado Chapter of AWI and has served in several offices, including chapter president for three years.  You can reach Gordon at He resides in Montana.

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Farewell to QCC Interns – Job Well Done!

Two interns – Lauren McCain and Melissa Betts – who supported QCC’s vast administrative needs assisted staff with project activity advancement and are moving along after their internships. 

QCC interns Lauren McCain (left) and Melissa Betts celebrated their productive internships at QCC during a “Going Away” lunch with staff in August.

Lauren, who graduated in the spring from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, worked with AWI and QCP for four summers and selected college breaks.  Lauren followed up with active QCP projects, including researching the projects of architectural firms and identifying the general contractors.  Her long-term focus on these important administrative tasks enabled QCP to convert 200 jobs from “out for bid” to awarded to general contractor and awarded to woodworker.  “We will miss Lauren’s positive energy and professional attitude,” QCP Project Specialist Tricia Roberts said.  Lauren is moving back to Charlottesville and will be married in a few months.

Melissa, who joined the QCP team as a summer intern this year, assisted in registering over 600 new projects in 10 weeks.  She also fulfilled certification orders.  “We will miss Melissa’s work ethic and cheerful personality,” Trish said.  “We hope she will renew her internship with QCC next summer.”  Melissa is returning as a sophomore to Liberty University, which was founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, VA.

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Show Us What You’ve Got

QCC is looking for photos and summaries of certified projects to run in upcoming issues of Quality Times.

An attractive photo of your project in Quality Times in a “Project Spotlight” section will give your company excellent corporate exposure to potential business partners and customers.  Send your photos to QCC Director Randy Estabrook at along with a brief description of the project. 

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