News and updates from AWI's Quality Certification Program
December 12, 2007
Published Quarterly
QCC Board of Directors

QCC President
William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI
Freeman White
Architects, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
Doug Carney
R & S Casework, Inc.
Fargo, ND  
Craig Elias
Elias Studios
Pittsburgh, PA
David Kay
Clancy & Theys Construction
Raleigh, NC
Rick Kogler
Strategic Development
Baton Rouge, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA
Shows Leary
Shows Leary Project
Petersburg, NY
Gil Long
Mesa, AZ
Mark Wonfor
Northern Custom
Cabinetry, Inc.
Wixom, MI  

Philip Duvic *
Architectural Woodwork
Potomac Falls, VA  
Patrick Nartker *
2006-2007 AWI Treasurer
Ted Bolle Millwork, Inc.
Springfield, OH

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in
the fall each year, is responsible
for program oversight, including
policies and budgets. 


About QCP

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Register Projects Early;
Assure Job Quality!
To provide effective inspection
and certification services,
please register your projects
prior to or at bid time
Anyone on the construction
team may register a project. 

Project registration assures
the quality of the job and
customer satisfaction all
up the line to the ultimate
project owner. Experience
shows that Quality
Certification reduces
building costs by assuring
woodwork quality right from
the start.

To register a project, visit or call
QCC at 800.449.8811.


Easy to Schedule

To schedule a project
inspection, contact QCC
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To schedule a plant
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Compton at

QCP – Growing Again, Building Strong Future

By just about any measurement, the Quality Certification Program (QCP) has enjoyed strong growth in the 2006-2007 fiscal year that ended September 30, 2007.  Participation jumped 7% and completed projects increased 11%.  The statistics tell a powerful story of support for and acceptance of QCP as a marketplace force.


12 Months Ended 9/30/2007

12 Months Ended 9/30/2006

Participant Firms  




76 (+43 in process)


Completed Projects



“QCP has shown steady growth for the past several years which is undoubtedly a result of efforts on numerous fronts,” said Randy Estabrook, QCC Program Director. “Raising the awareness of design professionals along with more and more members of the construction team seeing copies of inspection reports that identify deficiencies are factors that have had significant impact. In today’s environment of fast paced projects coupled with the expectation that members of the construction team are familiar with all aspects of the process, QCP provides an independent expert for one of the most visible aspects of a project. Prudent risk management is always a good investment,” he noted.  


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QCC Introduces New Benefit for QCP Participants

More exposure is the name of the game!  Beginning with this issue of Quality Times, QCC is introducing a new customer service benefit to new participants in the Quality Certification Program. 

As you’ll note in the list of new participants below, each participant’s Web site (when provided) is included with their listing.  Check them out; learn more about their services.  As always, all existing participants are listed on the QCC online directory of participants, under “Find a Certified Firm/Project.”  Click here to access that page and begin your search.

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QCP Renewal Period Open Through December 31

With a record 486 participants and successful growth on all fronts, the Quality Certification Corporation is entering the 2008 renewal period and anticipates continued support in 2008 as participants reap added value from certification.

Invoices were mailed on November 9 to all Quality Certification Program (QCP) participants and must be received or postmarked by Monday, December 31, 2007 to avoid the $300 late fee.  The renewal fee increased approximately 5%, but the project certification fees have not changed for 2008.

Remember, online renewal at is easy and helps QCC trim administrative costs and maximize program development.  Note that the QCC participant user name and password is different from the new one you use at the AWI Web site.  Alternatively, please send your check to: AWI/QCC, 46179 Westlake Drive, Suite 120, Potomac Falls, VA  20165-5874.

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What’s the Vision?

On October 6, the QCP underwent another aspect of growth. 

The AWI Quality Certification Corporation Board of Directors met in Louisville, KY where Officers and Directors revised the mission and vision statements for the program.  They also developed a future strategic plan for the continued success of the program.

Verify, inspect, report and enforce architectural woodwork standards compliance.

Vision statement:
To be the recognized compliance assurance process for the architectural woodwork industry.

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The View From Here: Quality Certification Program and the Marketing Edge

Members of the QCC Board of Directors give industry’s perspectives of QCP and issues that affect program participants.

Quality Certification Program and the Marketing Edge
By Doug Carney, R & S Casework, Inc., Fargo, ND

The Quality Certification Program was not well known, used or understood in our area when we first became a participant.  Initially, we became a participant so I could become more familiar with the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI).  I purchased R&S Casework, Inc. in 1997 after being on the General Contractor side of the industry for 20 years and although I knew of the standards, I certainly wasn’t familiar with them on an in-depth basis.   After taking the QCP test I was so impressed with its thoroughness I required my entire management team to take and pass it. 

I soon discovered a side benefit to becoming certified, one that is still with us our company and its products to owners, architects and contractors we haven’t worked with before.  Being able to affirm to our existing and potential customers that the AWI Quality Certification Program has certified us and allows us to label our products for compliance with the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated has opened doors that otherwise might not have been opened. 

As I well know, very few owners and contractors have intimate knowledge of what the Quality Standards are.  Even though they have heard of the standards and know they are the industry reference for woodworking, they aren’t familiar with many of the details the book provides.  Architects are usually a little more acquainted, but not completely familiar, with the inner workings of the standards.  I don’t think I’ve ever known an architect to reference the Quality Standards when punching out a job, even though the QSI is the reference standard on which their specifications are based.  This isn’t surprising considering the enormous number of standards architects must have at least a working knowledge of to design and inspect a project. 

Our marketing approach developed over time.  We didn’t realize how important being a participant would be to our marketing efforts until we started talking to owners, contractors and architects and explained the purpose of QCP and what it could do for them.  Very quickly we realized they were all looking for a third party to have the intimate knowledge of the woodworking business they lacked.  They were all eager to work with someone that could tell them the products they were buying were built to the standards they specified.  Being able to tell owners, contractors and architects that an outside independent third party has verified our manufacturing facility, capability to produce compliant work, customer satisfaction and knowledge of the Quality Standards has given us the credibility we needed to get us in the door and expand our market area.  Our company has grown and prospered in the years since becoming certified, we couldn¹t have done it without participating in the Quality Certification Program.

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Welcome New QCP Participants

Participation in QCP grew again in recent months.  Who are the 12 new participants welcomed by the Quality Certification Corporation?  How do you get in touch with them? Check them out.

Artisan Made Woodworks, Inc.
Certified: 10/9/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 800, 900, 1500, 1600, 1700
Kernersville, NC

Bridges Wood Products, Inc.
Certified: 11/20/07
Premium – 400abc, 1600, 1700
Savannah, GA

Commercial Casework Supply
Certified: 10/23/07
Premium – 400abc, 1500
Madison, WI
Creative Dimensions Group
Certified: 11/6/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 900, 1500, 1600, 1700
Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericks, Inc.
Certified: 9/27/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1600, 1700
Pendleton, IN

Interior Motives
Certified: 10/11/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500, 1700
Coalport, PA

JSM  Woodworks
Certified: 10/23/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1700
West Fargo, ND

Lakewood Cabinetry
Certified: 11/9/07
Premium – 400c, 1700
Langley, OK

MGC Millwork, LP
Certified: 11/12/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 1500, 1600, 1700
Houston, TX

Millwork Solutions, Inc.
Certified: 10/22/07
Premium – 400abc, 500, 700, 900, 1300, 1500, 1600
Seward, PA

Specialty Woodworks, Inc.
Certified: 10/22/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700
Lexington, SC

Wilcox Woodworks, Inc.
Certified: 9/28/07
Premium – 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 900, 1500, 1600
Manassas, VA

Visit these and other participants on the QCP Web site,, and click on “Find a Certified Firm/Project.” Search by company name, city, state, country and Certified Section of AWI Quality Standards Illustrated.  There are over 480 Qualified QCP participants to choose from for your next architectural woodwork project.

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QCC Releases 2008 QCP Policies

Stay abreast of current QCP rules and procedures. 

A current issue of Quality Certification Policies: Effective January 2008 is available for reference and downloading from the QCP Web site. This publication describes current rules and procedures that govern participation in the Quality Certification Program by woodwork manufacturers, factory finishing facilities, and installation specialists. 

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QCC Outreach to Design-Build Community: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

QCC is spreading the word about the merits of the Quality Certification Program. 

  • In early October, AWI QCC President William A. Munyan of Freemen White Architects, QCP Project Specialist Tricia Roberts, and AWI QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook gave a presentation at the offices of Voelker Blackburn Niehoff Architects in Louisville, KY.
  • On October 17, the QCP gave a presentation on the Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) and certification to 44 members of the DC/Metro Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) in Arlington, VA.  Presenter Randy Estabrook addressed CSI First Vice President Thomas Fuelner from HSMM Architects and members of the student chapter of CSI from Catholic University in DC as well as members of the CSI chapter.

Upcoming Presentations...

January 21, 2008 – Charlotte CSI Chapter, VA
February 2008 – SmithGroup Architects, Washington, DC

Presentations are made on request to build greater awareness of the Quality Certification Program and enhance understanding of its value to builders, architects, design professionals, contractors, and project owners.  To schedule a presentation, contact QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook at

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Tech Talk – Balanced Construction: What Does It Mean?

Defined in the appendix on page A-652 of the 8th Edition, Version 2.0 of the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI), “a balanced panel consists of the panel being absolutely symmetrical from the center line of the panel and using materials on either side that expand or contract, or are moisture permeable, at the same rate.”

What does it mean to be absolutely symmetrical? Examples are shown in QSI section 200-G-4, pages 38 and 39.  “To achieve balanced construction, panels must be an odd number of layers, or plies, symmetrical from the center line.” In other words for normal Premium Grade panel construction a ¾ inch particleboard or MDF core would have outer layers that expand or contract, or are moisture permeable, at the same rate. Composite panels are typically comprised of a core with a face and back of similar material.

What does “expand or contract,” or “are moisture permeable, at the same rate” mean? If the face veneer is .042 inch plain sliced Red Oak, AA grade, as per section 500A-T-2 on page 253, then the balance sheet should be a material that expands or contracts, or is moisture permeable, at the same rate as the face veneer. The most obvious and safest answer is to put .042 inch plain sliced Red Oak B grade veneer (or similar specie) on the back of the panel as per section 500A-T-2 on page 253.

The use of different species and cuts, as well as manufactured paper or resin impregnated balancing sheets can be risky. The woodworker needs to demonstrate that the different material meets the requirements of expansion, contraction and water permeability. This requires the woodworker to provide scientific examination and data investigation for both the face veneer and the balancing sheet material.

Shows Leary
Quality Certification Program Regional Representative
Petersburg, NY

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QCP Rep Spotlight – Wayne Hintz

Get Acquainted with Your QCP Rep...

Wayne is a 20-year architectural woodwork veteran, and currently the sole proprietor of Opal Road Design, LLC in the Historic District of Warrenton, VA.  He has been an active member of the QCC quality compliance inspection team of 14 representatives since July 2005.

The University of Wisconsin Fine Arts major ultimately followed his family lumberjack roots in Wisconsin to receive a Virginia Commonwealth Journeyman Cabinetmaker Certificate that led him to employment with a number of commercial millwork firms in Northern Virginia.  Wayne’s job titles included lead cabinetmaker, installer, estimator, purchasing agent, project manager, and designer/drafter. He gained experience in high-profile museum, government, and business exhibit projects at such venues as The Smithsonian Institution and the National Archives.

Wayne managed the woodworking aspects of historical renovation and other institutional projects in Washington, DC, including the rehabilitation of the landmark True Reformer Building and the Mary Graydon Center at American University. Recently, he completed detailing a number of exhibits for the new 65,000 sq. ft expansion of The Mariners’ Museum USS Monitor Center in Newport News, VA.  The facility was designed with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a resource, a conservation center, and Civil War exhibition of the celebrity Ironclad. Wayne’s training, experience and Virginia Contractor’s license have enabled him to do business personally with a growing number of home builders, business owners, and residential customers. You can reach Wayne at, or visit his Web site at

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QCP Rep Michael Grant Passes Away

QCC mourns the loss of Michael Grant, Quality Certification Program representative in the northwest, who passed away October 8, 2007, after his fight with lung cancer. He will be missed for his generosity, kindness, dedication to our industry, and vast woodworking knowledge.

Michael, with his father Charles, was a long-time member of AWI, first through the Charles A. Grant Company in fine woodwork manufacturing, and then through Brooklyn Hardware/Panelclip Company as a supplier of Panelclip® nationwide. Both firms were based in Portland, OR.

Michael served AWI through active participation in the Quality Standards Board of Review for over 15 years; as a Quality Certification Program representative in the northwest; and as a sought-after presenter of programs on fine woodworking for the design community.  Michael’s contributions to the Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) over the years and his long-term commitment to the work of the QSI committees are his enduring legacy.

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QCC Analyzes Major Program Markets; Updates Marketing Plan

A comprehensive analysis of over 3200 QCP project records over a five-year period has revealed that QCP has increased market penetration by a whopping 286%.  Over this period which ended December 2006, QCC’s strategy of increasing awareness of QCP was highly successful. 

With target markets identified for future growth, QCC’s strategy in the next three years will be communicating the value of project inspections by strengthening its presence in the marketplace and offering a strong value proposition. One of the target markets will be K-12 Schools, which is projected to grow by 4% in the coming year, according to McGraw-Hill Construction Outlook.

The new three-year QCP Marketing Plan includes print media advertising in the following:

  • McGraw-Hill Construction’s Schools of the 21st Century, a four color magazine with online exposure and a professional development symposium.  QCP will be a supporting sponsor with exposure at the group’s symposium in March 2008.
  • Architectural Record Magazine 
  • Construction Specifier Magazine
  • The School Administrator (American Association of School Administrators)
  • AWI Design Solutions Magazine 
  • AWI NewsBriefs

In addition, QCC will communicate to the project design professional when a QCP project inspection is conducted and deliver a copy of the inspection report on request.  Quality Times, with a circulation of 3500, will continue as an outreach e-letter, and presentations to specifiers and architects will round out the marketing efforts budgeted for 2008.

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Seasons Greetings!

The QCC Board of Directors, QCC’s Representatives and the QCC staff extend warm holiday greetings and best wishes for a prosperous New Year to all QCP participants and readers of Quality Times.

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