News and updates from AWI's Quality Certification Program
March 17, 2008
Published Quarterly
QCC Board of Directors

QCC President
William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI
Freeman White
Architects, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
Doug Carney
R & S Casework, Inc.
Fargo, ND  
Craig Elias
Elias Studios
Pittsburgh, PA
David Kay
Clancy & Theys Construction
Raleigh, NC
Rick Kogler
Strategic Development
Baton Rouge, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA
Shows Leary
Shows Leary Project
Petersburg, NY
Gil Long
Mesa, AZ
Mark Wonfor
Northern Custom
Cabinetry, Inc.
Wixom, MI  

Philip Duvic *
Architectural Woodwork
Potomac Falls, VA  
Patrick Nartker *
2006-2007 AWI Treasurer
Ted Bolle Millwork, Inc.
Springfield, OH

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in
the fall each year, is responsible
for program oversight, including
policies and budgets. 


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Program Director Randy Estabrook Leaving QCC

After six years steering the Quality Certification Program (QCP) through a period of dramatic growth and financial stability, QCC Director Randy Estabrook is leaving the program to pursue other opportunities.

“It is with regret that I must inform you that the Quality Certification Corporation Board of Directors accepted Randy Estabrook’s resignation effective April 14, 2008,” AWI QCC President William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI, CDT, said.
“Randy has been the cornerstone of the QCP program for the past six years. As you may remember, he accepted the position of QCP Program Director in 2001 and grew the QCP program from a struggling start-up to one AWI’s most successful programs. As we move through our transitional challenge, please have patience with our QCC staff and be certain to offer Randy your best wishes.

The QCC Board of Directors assures you that appropriate steps are in place for a smooth transition. Randy will assist in the interview, evaluation and selection of his replacement. The QCC Board of Directors extends all best wishes to Randy in his future endeavors,” Bill said.

(The search for a new Program Director has begun.  See article elsewhere in this issue of Quality Times.)

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QCC Goes to School, a $30 Billon Construction Market

Will a future generation of woodworkers value the Quality Certification Program for its role in assuring excellence in architectural woodwork projects?  Yes! QCC is taking steps in 2008 to make a wish a reality.  As a Supporting Sponsor of the Schools of the 21st Century, QCC is participating in an integrated media program crafted to meet the need for school design and construction that architects and educators are confronting.  QCC is being introduced to this market through a magazine, Web site and Symposium.  

With school enrollment projected to increase at record levels through 2013, $30 billion will be spent annually on school construction and renovation, according to McGraw Hill Construction Outlook. Through a multi-media marketing program, QCP receives exposure in the print edition of Schools of the 21st Century 2008 that features innovative school design solutions, sponsors’ articles and case studies directed to the K-12 market, which is projected to grow by 4% in the coming year, according to McGraw-Hill.  The publication was distributed to 80,000 architects and school officials, plus members of the Council of Great City Schools, the American Association of School Administrators and the National School Board Association Conferences. 

In addition, a spotlight ad appeared in the January issue of Architectural Record. News of QCP also is appearing online in the “Product Profiles” section of the Schools of the 21st Century Web site as well as the “Company Directory” listing.  As a Supporting Sponsor, QCC will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2008 Symposium on March 28 in Orlando, FL, co-located with the conference of the National School Board Association.

The 2008 Schools of the 21st Century program is presented by McGraw-Hill Construction’s Architectural Record, in partnership with McGraw-Hill Education and the American Architectural Foundation.  For information about the program, visit the Schools of the 21st Century Web site.

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The View From Here

By Gil Long, Executive Vice President, ISEC, Inc.

Members of the QCC Board of Directors give industry’s perspectives of QCP and issues that affect program participants.

QCP: A Small Insurance Policy for the Project Owner
By Gil Long, Executive Vice President, ISEC, Inc.

Satisfaction with an architectural woodwork installation is subjective without the Quality Certification Program that confirms that the installed product meets the performance specifications for the project.  

To help maintain the highest quality of the products ISEC installs in high-profile projects which are our specialty, we strongly encourage all of our suppliers and vendors to be QCP certified.  And, we have had eight ISEC offices become certified to help support our stringent quality control requirements.

ISEC’s architectural woodwork projects are large and include courthouses, convention centers, public works, museums and libraries. The stakes are high and the competition is keen when we bid on high-profile projects.  We prefer to bid on jobs that include QCP certification because it levels the playing field for the competitors.  As a large installation company that does not manufacture the woodwork we install, ISEC is, nonetheless, ultimately responsible for the quality of the job. That’s why quality control is important to us and the Quality Certification Program gives us added assurance that the inspectors do their jobs thoroughly to maintain the highest standards. 

For high-profile projects that ISEC works on, certification is a relatively minor added expense that benefits all parties – the owner, architect, supplier and contactor.  QCP is a small insurance policy for the project owner, and it is the only mechanism that guarantees that what the owner is paying for is what the contract specified.  

Established in 1967, ISEC, Inc. is a national prime trades contractor and subcontractor for specialty building interiors and equipment. A $275 million a year business, ISEC is an employee-owned company with nearly 1,100 construction professionals and craftsmen located in the firm’s offices nationwide. ISEC has been an AWI Supplier Member since 1999 and a 2008 AWI Sponsor.

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Register Projects with QCP, QCC Tells Architects, Specifiers, Design Professionals

Two new QCP advertisements are being featured in Architectural Record, the official monthly magazine of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and Construction Specifier, the monthly publication of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).  Both ads incorporate beautiful custom woodwork projects and carry a message to register all projects with QCC.

How many architects and specifiers do the ads reach and when are they appearing? With a circulation of over 100,000, Architectural Record reaches AIA members and Construction Specifier magazine reaches 26,000 CSI members.  For samples of other advertisements, visit

The print ads are running every other month in Architectural Record and Construction Specifier. QCC is also advertising six times a year in School Administrator. Design Solutions, the quarterly journal of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), is also featuring one of the QCP advertisements.  Its circulation includes more than 25,000 architects and design professionals.

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QCC Introduces New Project Certificates

The Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) introduced a new Project Certificate of Compliance in January.  The sought-after certificate, which is sent to the Quality Certification Program (QCP) participant firm, validates to the architect and contractor involved in the project that the work is in compliance with the AWI QCP and specified Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated.

The certificate has a fresh look and is addressed to the architect noting details of the architectural woodwork. The certificate is retained by the architect of the project with other project documents.  Usually the certificate is issued when the project is completed; however, self-labeling participants may request a compliance certificate prior to completion of the project.

Why not go another step to assure that architects, specifiers, and contractors fully understand the value of QCP certification?  QCP reps and QCC Director Randy Estabrook are available to review the merits of QCP and/or make a full presentation to your business and project partners on request.  Contact Randy Estabrook at for more details. 

In January and February, QCC issued particpation certificates to 450 renewing QCC participants. Visit for the most up-to-date list of participants.

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Buy the Insurance!

You’re speeding your way through rush hour traffic, dodging cars and pedestrians, trying to be a bit early for that evening presentation at the local real estate group and all of a sudden, BAM!  You’re staring at a pair of eyes in the rearview mirror of the car you just ran into. Now what?  Can you call that insurance agent and activate that auto policy right now? Probably not.

For those of us in the construction industry, buying insurance after the accident is not an option. Why then is it that so many projects that incorporate architectural woodwork – a highly visible finish – are not making certain their insurance is in effect?

What type of insurance am I talking about?  The type that this architect spoke about in this brief e-mail.

Just wanted to note that 3 millwork jobs that we had specified to meet AWI standards and enroll in the QCP have been completed with much disappointment not meeting these standards. During the submittal process the GC had selected a Millwork subcontractor that was not AWI certified, claiming the job was too small to necessitate this need.  After weeks of trying to change out the subcontractor we regretfully allowed them to proceed to avoid project delays.  In the end this was a large mistake and the quality of work was not at the level of AWI projects that we have installed in the past. From now on we will strictly follow our specification no matter how small the scope of work is. Thanks.

Daniel M. Condatore, Project Manager, Massa Montalto Architect, P.C.

There is no charge to register your project with the QCP. You can even do it online; so why would you want to risk meeting the owners’ expectations when you can have the woodwork inspected before it arrives at the site?

Visit the QCP Web site to get the correct language for your project specifications. Program and inspection costs are paid by the woodworking firm.  For more information visit and make sure your insurance is up to date.

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Welcome New QCP Participants

Participation in QCP grew again in recent months.  Who are the 15 new participants welcomed by the Quality Certification Corporation?  How do you get in touch with them?

Atlantic Commercial Caseworks
Charlotte, NC
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 900, 1300-1700

Bruewer Woodwork Manufacturing Company
Cleves, OH
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-900, 1300-1700

Cabinet Masters, Inc.
Ironton, MO
Premium: 400abc, 1500

Custom Millwork, Inc.
dba Mardel Products
Mansura, LA
Premium: 400abc, 700, 1700 

E.B. Endres, Inc.
Huntingdon, PA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-1000, 1300-1700

Empire Lumber & Millwork Company
Newark, NJ
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500, 1300, 1500-1700

Freelance Enterprises
Denver, CO
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-800, 1500-1700

Gator Millworks, Inc.
Denham Springs, LA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 1500-1700

Gretna Cabinet Company, Inc.
Marrero, LA
Premium & Custom: 400c, 500, 700, 1500-1700
Custom: 300, 400a, 400b

Harring Doors
London, ON, Canada
Premium: 900, 1300-1500

Harwil Fixtures, Inc.
St. Augustine, FL
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-700, 900, 1500-1700

O'Keefe Incorporated
River Falls, WI
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500, 600, 900, 1500-1700

Phoenix Woodworking Corporation
Woodstock, IL
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500, 700, 900, 1500-1700

Progressive Cabinets
Ocala, FL
Premium: 400abc, 1600, 1700

TMS Corporation
Richmond, VA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-1200, 1400, 1500

Visit these and other participants on the QCP Web site,, and click on “Find a Certified Firm/Project.” Search by company name, city, state, country and Certified Section of AWI Quality Standards Illustrated.  There are over 450 Qualified QCP participants to choose from for your next architectural woodwork project.

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Tech Talk Humidity: What Does That Word Mean to Most People?

A sticky summer day in Mississippi?  Perhaps, but what we are referring to in this space is relative humidity, the amount of moisture in the air.  Why would this be an important topic in an architectural woodwork-related column?

Simple, wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning it takes on and gives off moisture.  This is important because fine architectural wood veneer wall panels, custom cabinets, wood doors, and standing and running trim, to name a few, are all products manufactured from wood and wood products.  Here at AWI the phone starts ringing around November and keeps on ringing until about March. During those months there is suddenly a lot of architectural woodwork that is defective, cracking, splitting and shrinking.

What is occurring in many cases is the introduction of heat into the finished space. This can cause a drop in the relative humidity. I have seen office spaces that had a relative humidity reading of 35% on Wednesday change to less than 12% on Monday morning due to heat and the shutting down of environmental systems operation schedules during the weekend.

The Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated recommends that a relative humidity range of 25% - 55% be maintained during installation of architectural woodwork and thereafter during the lifetime of the finished product. In some cases this is not one of the top ten items on facility managers list.

Designing architectural woodwork with the allowance for movement and consulting with environmental building engineers will help improve the potential success of a finished space that the owner and all members of the construction team can be proud of.

Randy Estabrook, Director, Quality Certification Corporation

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QCP Rep Spotlight Tom Obermeyer

Get Acquainted with Your QCP Rep


Tom Obermeyer comes to the Quality Certification Program as a practicing architect, educator, and textbook author.  He has been a QCP Representative for seven years and enjoys the QCP inspection process for giving him added insight into the craft involved in intricate millwork with which architects are not intimately familiar.  “As generalists, architects hire knowledgeable specialists who help make up the project team,” Tom said.

He entered the field of architecture after graduating with BA and MA degrees that he supplemented with a MA and PhD in Education.  Thirty-five years ago as a young architect in an office of 150 Tom cut his teeth on school projects. He is currently a practicing architect with his own firm, Thomas Obermeyer Architects, as well as with a partner in the firm, CIC Architects, which specializes in condominium projects that last year numbered over 100.  An educator for 30 years, Tom is on the faculty of Minneapolis Community College, which has a two-year architectural program leading to technician status.  He is currently teaching building inspectors how to do structural design.  Tom covers the QCP territory of Central Canada, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.  He can be reached at in Minnesota.

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QCC Announces Search Process for Program Director

The Quality Certification Corporation is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the position of QCC Program Director. 

To review the position description and job responsibilities, click here.  Qualified candidates are invited to submit letters of application along with details of  their qualifications, experience, and salary expectations to

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Do You Measure Up?

The Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) is seeking a few good industry professionals to serve as QCP Representatives who are links to program participants as well as to the design and construction community.  Qualification criteria are fairly high for just the right candidates who will have a rewarding experience.  

Criteria and qualifications:

* Minimum of 15 years architectural woodwork industry experience, preferably in a management position
* Thorough knowledge of the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI)
* No current affiliation with an active woodwork manufacturing, finishing or installation company
* Computer and Internet proficient
* Ability to score 130 out of 150 correct answers on the QCP test (QSI open book test)
* Flexible schedule and ability to travel
* Ability to act as industry representative
* Ability to promote QCP to the design & construction community

For more information for QCP Representative positions, contact QCC Director Randy Estabrook at 571.323.3620 or by e-mail at

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Correction for QCP Participant Listing in 1st Quarter 2008 Design Solutions

We offer apologies to QCP participant, JBD, Inc., about its listing in the 1st Quarter 2008 issue of Design Solutions, the official full-color journal of the Architectural Woodwork Institute.  The listing of AWI Manufacturing Member, JBD, Inc., should have included an “*” noting the company’s status as a QCP participant.

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QCC Outreach to Design-Build Community: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

QCC is spreading the word about the merits of the Quality Certification Program. 

  • On January 21, 2008, QCC President William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI of Freeman White Architects, Inc. and QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook made a presentation about QCP at a meeting of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Charlotte Chapter in NC.
  • On February 21, QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook gave a presentation about QCP and Quality Standards Illustration to the SmithGroup Architects in Washington, DC.

Upcoming Presentations...

  • March 28 – Schools of the 21st Century Symposium, Orlando, FL
  • April 23 – United States Department of State, Oversees Building Operations, Roslyn, VA

Presentations are made on request to build greater awareness of the Quality Certification Program and enhance understanding of its value to builders, architects, design professionals, contractors, and project owners.  To schedule a presentation, contact QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook at

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