News and updates from AWI's Quality Certification Program
June 11, 2008
Published Quarterly
QCC Board of Directors

QCC President
William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI
Freeman White
Architects, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
Doug Carney
R & S Casework, Inc.
Fargo, ND   
David Kay
Clancy & Theys Construction
Raleigh, NC
Rick Kogler
Strategic Development
Baton Rouge, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA
Shows Leary
Shows Leary Project
Petersburg, NY
Gil Long
Mesa, AZ
Mark Wonfor
Northern Custom
Cabinetry, Inc.
Wixom, MI  

Philip Duvic *
Architectural Woodwork
Potomac Falls, VA  
Patrick Nartker *
2007-2008 AWI Treasurer
Ted Bolle Millwork, Inc.
Springfield, OH

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in
the fall each year, is responsible
for program oversight, including
policies and budgets. 


QCC Representatives
3rd Week of July 2008
Contact Tricia Roberts
for details.


About QCP

To learn about the
value of QCP to
your business,
click here.

Register Projects Early;
Assure Job Quality!
To provide effective inspection
and certification services,
please register your projects
prior to or at bid time
Anyone on the construction
team may register a project. 

Project registration assures
the quality of the job and
customer satisfaction all
up the line to the ultimate
project owner. Experience
shows that Quality
Certification reduces
building costs by assuring
woodwork quality right from
the start.

To register a project, visit or
call QCC at 800.449.8811.


Easy to Schedule

To schedule a project
inspection, contact QCC
Project Specialist
Tricia Roberts at 

To schedule a plant
inspection, contact
QCC Participant
Coordinator Nick
Compton at


QCC Names Craig Elias as Program Director

Craig Elias, former Board of Directors member of the Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) and architectural woodworker, has been appointed Program Director, QCC President William A. Munyan, AIA, CSI, CDT, announced.

Craig succeeds Randy Estabrook as general manager of QCC, and is working with him during the transition of responsibilities for the Quality Certification Program (QCP), which was founded by AWI in 1996.  The transition will be complete on June 16, 2008.

The new Program Director brings 16 years of architectural woodwork experience with him. Until recently, Craig was President of Elias Studios, a firm that specialized in estate level custom architectural woodwork, manufacturing a broad range of products, including doors, cabinets, paneling and custom moulding.  He joined AWI as a Manufacturing Member in 2004.

Craig’s experience as a board member, not only of QCC since 2006, but also of a health-based organization, the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, for six years, has given him insight into not-for-profit operations and the effectiveness of and accountability to boards of directors.  For the health-based association, Craig helped start initiatives at the committee level, where as a volunteer he worked in successful partnership with the association staff.  His degree in journalism from the University of Colorado lends itself to the demands of the job at QCC.
“Our biggest initial challenge will be to assure that QCC participants weather the downturn in our economy without compromising the integrity of their work.  I look forward to being more vocal and visible within QCP’s end user constituency, promoting the fact that quality is never compromised for budget. The QCP places members in a stronger position for the future and we need to continue validating the benefits of the program for participants, the design/build community, and end users,” Craig said.

“I am very excited about this opportunity with QCC and am tremendously honored by the appointment as Program Director. Randy leaves behind a highly respected track record of success. I hope to build on past successes and look forward to new opportunities to grow QCP by working with other organizations on joint standards; supporting certification overseas; and exploring markets for QCP participants to compete in internationally,” he said.

Craig will spend 60% of his time at the QCC headquarters in Virginia or in the field.  He resides in Pittsburgh, PA. He can be reached at or by phone at 571.323.3620.

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The View From Here

Members of the QCC Board of Directors give industry’s perspectives of the Quality Certification Program (QCP) and issues that affect program participants.

QCP Participants Share Our Standards and Expectations
By David Kay, Clancy & Theys Construction Company, Raleigh, NC

I have been a project manager for nineteen years with ENR’s 106th-ranked U.S. general contractor. I believe I am well-informed in our industry, but I must admit that my knowledge of AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP) comes almost entirely from serving on its Board of Directors (previously the Board of Review). Now that I understand the objectives of the program, I am a fervent supporter. It is an excellent fit for us since we, as general contractors, take pride in our craftsmanship. We seek subcontractors who share our standards and expectations. AWI QCC makes that a simple task in Division 6.

I have polled our estimators in the main office and department leaders in our other offices. I found it disappointing that we still receive the deletion of certificates or labels as a “value engineering” item from reputable millwork firms.  One estimator reported that he receives this VE item as much as half the time. Woodworkers in the program should be the first to support the value of QCP since it gives them an advantage over non-participants, and sets them apart from less-qualified firms. Any organization emphasizing quality should be a proponent.

I have watched this program grow substantially over the last few years, and wish continued success for it in the future.

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QCP Enters New Market at Schools of the 21st Century Symposium

On March 28, QCC participated in the Schools of the 21st Century Program hosted by McGraw Hill Construction and the American Architectural Foundation in Orlando, FL. QCC’s involvement in this market, also includes Supporting Sponsorship of the program.   

Over 50 cutting-edge design firms, school board members, school facility planning professionals and suppliers met to share information on the future of school design.  Besides hearing great presentations on sustainability trends and case studies by many leaders with the American Architectural Foundation, this one-day symposium was a great networking opportunity for the Quality Certification Program (QCP) to connect with school board members and design firms that specify projects which require the QCP Project Certificates. Tricia Roberts explained the benefits of ensuring compliance with the QSI during the fabrication, finishing and installation process to help avoid time-consuming problems that might arise during project management.  Over 30 existing school projects were added to the QCC database and many more continue to be registered online. The symposium is the largest annual meeting of school superintendents in the United States.

For more information about the Schools of the 21st Century program, visit the Web site.  QCP is one of the sponsoring organizations profiled on the site. QCC also is advertising in The School Administrator to connect with budget decision makers in the potentially lucrative school market for architectural woodworkers. 

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QCC Goes on the Road to Construct2008

Construct2008, hosted by the Construction Specifications Institute, June 4-6, 2008, brought architects, engineers, specifiers, facility managers, building owners, general contractors and commercial construction professionals together in Las Vegas this year for CSI’s annual trade show and convention. The QCC booth, #1149, was a hub of activity. QCC Program Manager Tricia Roberts promoted the value of the Quality Certification Program (QCP) to the design-build community.

Construct2008 attracted over 100 exhibitors whose products and services were displayed in over 75,000 square feet of exhibit space. Tricia spoke with QCP participants and show attendees about the Quality Certification Program and its value in validating the professionalism of participating architectural woodworkers and suppliers as well as the quality of their products and services.  QCC will send information to each new potential participant and provide them with a complimentary subscription to Quality Times.

At the busy QCC booth, Tricia Roberts talks to specifiers about the advantages of early QCP project registration.

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QCP Project Registrations and Applications Up

Quality Certification Program (QCP) project registrations are steady and applications are on the rise. Find out the status of the program. 

Applications for QCP have increased from 39 to 56 in the last month. Participants total 481 as of May 20, and will jump to 537 when the processing of applications is completed within approximately 90 days.  Registrations have been streaming into the QCC offices, with 80% of them received on the QCP Web site.  Last, month, 70 or 55.1% of the 127 projects registered were school projects.  For a map illustrating QCP participants and applicants, click here

QCC participation at the Schools of the 21st Century Symposium and advertisements running in various trade journals are aimed at educating the design-build community about the value of QCP and promoting registration of architectural woodwork projects that are QCP-certified.  With school enrollment projected to increase at record levels through 2013, $30 billion will be spent annually on school construction and renovation, according to McGraw Hill Construction Outlook.

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QCP Advertisements Reach Over 200,000 Decision-Makers

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) advertisements are reaching a vast audience of architects, design professionals, specifiers, and construction company owners who receive four prestigious magazines.

  • AIA’s Architectural Record, which has a monthly circulation of over 100,000
  • CSI’s The Construction Specifier, which reaches 24,999 specifiers each month
  • AWI’s Design Solutions, a quarterly journal which includes more than 25,000 architects, design professionals, and AWI Manufacturing and Supplier members
  • The School Administrator, which reaches more than 70,000 top-level school administrators each month.  This publication is owned by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA).

To view the advertisements in some of these publications, visit

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AWI/QCC Recognized for “Outstanding Advertising”

“QCP Puts You on Solid Ground” is the message graphically illustrated in an advertisement that is appearing in The Construction Specifier as part of QCC’s campaign to promote the value of project inspections to the specifier readership of this monthly magazine. 

AWI/QCP was singled out “For Outstanding Advertising” by The Construction Specifier magazine in February 2008.  The magazine honored AWI/QCP with a handsome plaque featuring the ad and the following text:

“in recognition of the advertisement that achieved the highest readership response, as measured against all other ads appearing in The Construction Specifier February 2008.”

The magazine’s audited circulation is 24,999, with expanded readership of 65,000 according to its media kit. The Construction Specifier is the official monthly publication of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). 



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Welcome New QCP Participants

Participation in the Quality Certification Program (QCP) grew again in recent months.  Who are the 14 new participants welcomed by QCC?  How do you get in touch with them?

A & K Millwork, LP
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-600, 900, 1200, 1500-1700

BGI Interiors, Inc.
Lackawanna, NY
Custom: 400c

Custom Source Woodworking, Inc.
Lacey, WA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500, 900,1500-1700

Fisher’s Millwork, Inc.
East Petersburg, PA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 600

Fletcher Wood Products
Fort Dodge, IA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-700, 1500-1600

Jim R. Reynolds and Associates
Spring, TX
Premium: 300, 400abc, 600, 1600-1700

Kearny & Associates, Inc.
Culpeper, VA
Premium: 300, 400ab, 500-1700

Malone Design & Fabrication
Decatur, GA
Premium: 400abc, 500, 1500-1700

R G Cabinets
Omaha, NE
Premium: 400abc

Superior Millworks
Baton Rouge, LA
Premium:  300, 400abc, 500-700, 900,1000, 1400-1700

Swainston Mill & Cabinets,  Inc.
Preston, ID
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-600, 1500-1700

Tobin Woodworking, Inc.
Farmington, NY
Premium: 400abc, 500-600, 900, 1300, 1500-1700

WDJ Construction
Norwich, CT
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-1000, 1400-1700

Welling Ford Systems, Inc.
Alexandria, VA
Premium: 300, 400abc, 500-700, 900, 1500-1700

Visit these and other participants on the QCP Web site,, and click on “Find a Certified Firm/Project.” Search by company name, city, state, country and Certified Section of Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated.  There are over 480 Qualified QCP participants to choose from for an upcoming architectural woodwork project.

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Tech Talk – Who, What is Certified?

To our new participants: Welcome to the Quality Certification Program (QCP).  To the veterans of the program, I look forward to working with you. To those of you trying to figure out if the QCP is worth your time, energy and/or money, I welcome you to contact me directly (or any member of our staff or our Board of Directors) to discover how the QCP can assist you to obtain the project oriented results you require.

Contrary to what some observers and participants may think, the QCP does not certify projects.  It certifies woodworking firms.  Applicants to the program must demonstrate the ability to comply with AWI’s Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) through rigorous testing, and they must provide a broad range of references to qualify.  QCP verifies compliance through scheduled and random inspections of properly registered and certified projects.  Only properly registered and certified (labeled) projects qualify for inspection.  The labeling fee includes the cost of the initial inspection.

The QCP is here to serve its participating woodworking firms, the project owners, and the owners’ representatives. To learn how this is so, I welcome you to contact me directly at

Craig Elias, Director, Quality Certification Corporation

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QCP Rep Spotlight – Rex Garton, Jr.

Get Acquainted with Your QCP Rep

Rex Garton, Jr., AIA, CSI, CCS, LEED AP, is an architect with a special interest in woodwork who has been a member of the Quality Certification Program (QCP) Representative team for six years.  He offers QCP participants insight into how architects view subcontractors and how architectural woodworkers should approach them to develop a relationship that builds a foundation for future project assignments.  He says that “because of rigorous substitution clauses in contracts, without an existing relationship with a specifier, an architectural woodworker may be limited in getting such a contract.”  Rex recommends that woodworkers also get acquainted with facility managers to fill needs for upgrades and expansion of existing properties.

In 1981, Rex received his license to practice as an architect.  Prior to that he worked in the design and construction industries following his graduation in 1975 from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Architecture. Currently, he is a member of the Hart Freeland Roberts, Inc. firm in Brentwood, TN, where as Director of Operations he is responsible for specification writing, quality control, and education and project management.  With 100+ employees, the firm specializes in health care, schools, office buildings and correctional facilities.  Rex was project architect for restoration of the Grand Ole Opry and project manager for renovation of the state Governor’s Mansion.
Rex’s QCP territory extends as far west as the Arkansas/Oklahoma borders, south to the Gulf of Mexico, midway into the Carolinas, and as far north as Indianapolis. You can contact him at in Nashville.

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QCC Welcomes Graham Kilburn as QCP Representative

Graham Kilburn has joined the team of Quality Certification Program (QCP) Representatives to cover the territory of Ohio Valley and Pennsylvania.

Graham will also serve as the program’s link to QCP participants and the design-build community in parts of Canada.  You can reach Graham at or by telephone at 905.573.7771.  Watch for future issues of Quality Times when the newest member of the QCP Representative will be profiled. Welcome Graham!

For a complete list of current QCP representatives and staff, click here.

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Search Continues for One Other QCP Rep

QCC is seeking another industry professional to serve as one of the Quality Certification Program (QCP) Representatives who are links to program participants as well as to the design and construction community. 

Qualification criteria are fairly high for just the right candidates who will have a rewarding experience.  

  • Minimum of 15 years architectural woodwork industry experience, preferably in a management position
  • Thorough knowledge of the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) 
  • No current affiliation with an active woodwork manufacturing, finishing or installation company 
  • Computer and Internet proficient 
  • Ability to score 130 out of 150 correct answers on the QCP test (QSI open book test)
  • Flexible schedule and ability to travel 
  • Ability to act as industry representative 
  • Ability to promote QCP to the design & construction community.

For more information for QCP Representative position, contact QCC Program Director Craig Elias at 571.323.3620 or at

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Well Wishes to Outgoing Program Director Randy Estabrook

Former QCC Program Director Randy Estabrook will remain involved in the multi-association effort known as the Joint Standards Committee.   

The Joint Standards Committee is composed of three associations – the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute (WI) – that signed a historic operating agreement in August 2007 to develop a single architectural woodwork standard.  AWI President Richard Ungerbuehler, Sr. approved Randy’s continued representation of AWI on the Joint Standards Committee as its Secretary. (Watch for news later this year for an update about the committee’s progress.)

In addition, Randy has joined AWI as a Supplier Member providing consultation services to architectural woodwork plants.  Estabrook Associates can be reached at for consultation on financial, management, plant and operations and woodwork projects.

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