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Quality Times | News and updated from the AWI Quality Certification Corporation
Winter 2011
In This Issue:
Top News
•  Hospital with a Heart
•  Important Changes to the QCP Policies
•  2012 QCP Renewals Show Increase Over Last Year; Due December 31
•  Proper Specification of the QCP Provides Architects and Specifiers Comprehensive Quality Assurance
•  Check Your Specs; Receive a Gift
•  AWI Appoints New QCC Board of Directors
Tech Talk
•  Cabinet types: Unlimited Design Choices, Limited Design Styles
Comings and Goings
•  Long-time QCP Representative Gordon Graham to Retire
Q Top News
Hospital with a Heart

St. Louis, Missouri’s St. John’s Mercy Heart and Vascular Hospital opened in 2006 devoted exclusively to heart and vascular medicine. The nine-floor, 340,000 square foot hospital … was designed by Christner, Inc., an architectural firm located in St. Louis, with architectural woodwork fabricated by Architectural Woodwork Corporation, an AWI member [and QCP-certified] firm also located in St. Louis.

Primary design considerations “focused on applying the campus palette of materials to the new hospital as part of a branding effort for all the buildings,” explains Bob Ducker, AIA, director of design and LEED AP for Christner.

Ducker says the most challenging aspect was to maintain the aesthetic choices in the lobby while meeting stringent demands for life safety, and maintaining close coordination with the local fire marshal and code officials. The design team and the woodworkers developed the solution of a flame-retardant core faced with Cherry veneer.

In addition to the American Black Cherry lobby paneling, Architectural Woodwork Corporation fabricated reception, greeter and security desks, nurses’ stations, patient room head-walls, patient room casework, waiting room partitions and general casework for this quality-certified project.

What was most noteworthy about this project [says Architectural Woodwork Corp.’s James Ryan] was that no difficulties arose because the architect involved us during the design phase to address and resolve difficulties before contract documents were issued.

[Excerpted from the winter 2010 issue of Design Solutions magazine. To read this article in its entirety, click here.]

Important Changes to the QCP Policies

Triennial plant inspections suspended, tests suspended pending revisions

The QCC Board of Directors recently approved the following changes to the policies of AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP). Please take note:

1. The requirement for periodic re-taking of the AWS Standards Test and QCP Policies Test is temporarily suspended, pending revisions. Changes to the Standards test will include reducing the overall length, matching more of the questions to each participant’s specific accreditations, and eliminating ambiguous language.  An announcement will be made when revisions are complete and testing resumes. Your company’s three-year testing deadline will be extended by the length of this suspension.

2. The requirement for triennial plant inspections and presentation of samples for re-accreditation of individual work categories is suspended indefinitely. The requirement for a triennial project inspection and certification will remain, with some modification. However, there will be no penalty or change of program status for those woodworkers who do not have a new project available upon the three-year anniversary of their last project inspection/certification. This triennial project inspection requirement applies to participants that have certified their first two QCP projects (ie: completion of “Provisional” status).

For complete details of these changes, see section 3.3 of the revised QCP Policies, now available on the QCP Web site. Click here to download your copy now.

Questions or concerns regarding the new policies may be directed to the Representative assigned to your company.  If you require contact information for your Rep., please call or e-mail QCP Accreditations Manager Jennica Nishida at (571) 222-4944 or

2012 QCP Renewals Show Increase Over Last Year; Due December 31

According to QCP Program Director Wayne Hintz, 2012 renewals are coming in strong. “This certainly indicates that many QCP-accredited firms value the program’s ability to help them prequalify for work,” said Hintz.

“The bid process is widely expected to remain very competitive next year. I encourage our current participants to renew for 2012 and continue to enjoy the advantage QCP accreditation represents,” Hintz added.

According to the QCP Policies, the renewal process involves two steps:

1. Payment of renewal fees ($1,100 for current AWI manufacturing members; $2,500 for all others).
2. Signature and date of acknowledgement on the AWI QCC Code of Ethics form.

Renewals are due by 11:59 PM EST, Dec. 31, 2011. Companies that submit after this date will be charged a $300 late fee. Those who have not yet been QCP-accredited for one full year are also required to renew, and will receive a pro-rated renewal invoice for 2012.

Renewals may be submitted by mail, by fax (with a credit card number) or they can be completed online. Simply click here to renew online or visit the Web site,, at your convenience. NOTE: You will need your username (C-number) and password (P-number) to renew online.

If you have already renewed your QCP accreditation, we thank you for doing so and look forward to serving you in 2012.

Questions about renewals may be directed to AWI QCC Credentialing Manager Jennica Nishida at or (571) 233-4944. We look forward to your continued participation with the QCP in 2012!

Proper Specification of the QCP Provides Architects and Specifiers Comprehensive Quality Assurance

The AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) offers architects and specifiers the ability to ensure quality architectural woodwork that meets both the project specifications and adherence to industry-wide standards for manufacturing, finishing and installation. Best of all, it is free to the design community -- all you have to do is follow these three steps:

1. Specify
the QCP in your design using the QCP language provided below (also included in MasterSpec®):

Quality Standard: Unless otherwise indicated, comply with AWI's [Architectural Woodwork Standards, Latest Edition] for grades of interior architectural woodwork, construction, finishes and other requirements.

Provide AWI Quality Certification Program [Labels] [Certificates] indicating that the woodwork, [including installation], complies with requirements of grades specified. This project has been registered as AWI/QCP project number ____. OR, the Contractor, upon award of work, shall register the work under this section with the AWI Quality Certification Program (800-449-8811.)

2. Register your project. Visit or call (800-449-8811) to receive a project tracking number. *NOTE: Woodworkers are required by the QCP Policies to register their project.

3. Record the project tracking number you receive following registration in your project documents. This is the most important step to take in order to ensure your woodwork project will conform to the AWI quality standards, as well as your specifications!

What You Get in Return
In exchange for specifying and registering your architectural woodwork project, you receive the following:

  • A pool of pre-qualified woodwork manufacturers to choose from. Through comprehensive testing and inspection, QCP-accredited woodworkers demonstrate the ability to fabricate, finish and install work in accordance with the criteria set forth by the Architectural Woodwork Standards. Only QCP-accredited woodworkers are eligible to provide labels and/or certificates of compliance to certify their work.
  • Compliance with your project specifications.
  • Impartial project inspections as needed, upon request, and at random.
  • Assurance that the construction team has a clear understanding of project requirements, thereby reducing the potential for bid and contract errors.
  • Expert advice and technical support as needed.
Check Your Specs; Receive a Gift

Due to the wide array of discrepancies seen in project specifications calling for the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP), the QCC is asking all woodworkers and architects to ‘Check Your Specs.’ 

Click here to ‘Check Your Specs’ now, and receive a special gift for helping us clean up the QCP specification language.

Incorrect specification of the QCP can nullify the program's ability to provide for quality assurance of doors or any millwork project, resulting in the possibility that the woodwork specified may not meet quality expectations.

Proper specification of the QCP means that the doors and millwork fabricated, finished and installed on a project will receive all of the quality assurance benefits offered by the program, including third-party project inspections by industry experts, conformance to industry-wide standards and project specifications, and access to pre-qualified QCP-accredited door and woodwork contractors.

The purpose of the QCP is to protect design professionals' reputations for delivering quality doors and millwork. Best of all, there is no charge to specify the QCP correctly. Simply click here to ‘Check Your Specs’ online and complete the form at the bottom of the page to receive your free, heat-sensitive, color-changing coffee mug. 

AWI Appoints New QCC Board of Directors

Effective immediately, AWI has appointed a new QCC Board of Directors. The new board will focus on improving the core values of the program, simplifying the written tests and suspending all biennial and/or triennial inspections. The new board members are:

  • Joe Sorrelli, Aljoe Woodwork Consultants (President)
  • Jerry Campbell, Jerry Campbell & Associates
  • Bruce Cody, Architectural Wood
  • Randy Jensen, Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc.
  • Rick Kogler, Strategic Development
  • Matt Lundahl, Meyer & Lundahl
  • Bill Munyan, R&M Group, PLLC
  • Bruce Spitz, Classic Millwork & Products, Inc. (Treasurer)
  • Phil Duvic, Architectural Woodwork Institute
  • Tricia Roberts, AWI Quality Certification Corporation (Secretary)

The newly appointed QCC Board of Directors wishes to thank everyone who served on the past QCC Board of Directors for their time and efforts. In addition, the board would like to thank all of the participants who partake in the program, and wish all continuing success in the New Year!

Q Tech Talk
Cabinet types: Unlimited Design Choices, Limited Design Styles
By Shows Leary, regional Q-representative

Many of us likely believe that with the variety of finish surfaces available for architectural cabinets there are unlimited possibilities in cabinet design. There are approximately over 50 veneer choices available, plus the man-made veneers. In addition, there are the nuances created by fine factory finishing. As for laminate color choices, I cannot count that high. For Phenolic, there are at least 20 colors available.

In this article I will explore the types and styles of cabinets that are actually available based on recommendation by the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS).

Let’s begin with the cabinet. The cabinet is essentially the skeleton upon which we apply the finish. How many of these skeletons are available?

Starting in section 10 of the AWS, item 1.2.17 indicates there are two types of cabinets. TYPE A is frameless and TYPE B is face-framed.

Section 1.2.18 of the AWS indicates the door INTERFACE STYLES:

• TYPE A frameless cabinets can be STYLE 1: Overlay, which is sub divided into 3 groups: flush overlay, reveal overlay and lipped.
• TYPE B face-frame cabinets can be STYLE 1: Overlay, which is sub divided into 3 groups: flush overlay, reveal overlay and lipped.
• TYPE A frameless cabinets can be STYLE 2: Flush inset.
• TYPE B face frame cabinets can be STYLE 2: Flush inset.

In summary, TYPE A frameless cabinets have 4 DOOR INTERFACE styles: flush overlay, reveal overlay, lipped and flush inset. TYPE B face-frame cabinets have 4 DOOR INTERFACE styles: flush overlay, reveal overlay, lipped and flush inset.

Narrowing it down, you see there are really only eight ways to make a cabinet's basic design style, but with the nearly infinite possibilities of finishes available, you truly have unlimited design choices. 

Q Comings and Goings
Long-time QCP Representative Gordon Graham to Retire

Gordon Graham has announced that he will retire from his post as QCP Representative and QCC Director, effective January 1, 2012.

Gordon has more than 50 years of experience in the architectural woodwork industry. He is a strong advocate of the Architectural Woodwork Institute and its Quality Certification Program (QCP). In fact, Gordon was one of the first QCP Representatives hired when the program launched in 1996. In 2007, Gordon was appointed Western Regional Representative for the QCP, responsible for mentoring other QCP Representatives located in the western United States.

Gordon continued to serve in this capacity, as well as on the QCC Board of Directors. During his tenure, Gordon conducted multiple inspections overseas, in China and Turkey to name a few.

“All of us at QCC wish Gordon the best,” said QCC Operations Manager Tricia Roberts. “Gordon has contributed significantly to the success and professionalism of the QCP over the years, and we will miss him greatly as a colleague, and plan to keep him as a friend,” Roberts added. 

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Congratulations to the following companies that recently earned Q-accreditation. Look for these and more than 500 other Q-accredited woodworkers at

Court House Manufacturing LLC, dba Chappell Door Company 
Accreditation Date: 12/7/2011 
Washington Court House, OH 
AWS Sections: P9.1, P9.3 and P5

EGR Construction Inc. 
Accreditation Date: 12/9/2011 
Oklahoma City, OK 
AWS Sections: P5, P8.3, P10.1, P10.3, P11, P6.3, P6 E, P8.1, P10 E, P11 E and P8 E

Hein Construction Co. Inc. 
Accreditation Date: 11/2/2011 
Peoria, IL 
AWS Sections: P11 E, P10 E, P9 E and P6 E

New Era Custom Design & Cabinet Works Inc. 
Accreditation Date: 12/14/2011 
Frederick, MD 
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P8.1, P8.2, P9.2, P10.2, P11, P8 E, P6 E, P9 E, P10 E and P11 E

SDC Millwork 
Accreditation Date: 11/1/2011 
Victor, NY 
AWS Sections: P10.2, P10.3, P11 and P10.1

Timberline Cabinetry and Millwork 
Accreditation Date: 11/29/2011 
Manhattan, KS 
AWS Sections: P10.3 and P11

Accreditation Date: 12/7/2011 
New Caney, TX 
AWS Sections: P10.1, P10.3, P10 E, P11 and P11 E

AWI QCC Board of Directors

Joe Sorrelli, President
Aljoe Woodwork Consultants
Brooklyn, NY

Jerry Campbell
Jerry Campbell & Associates
Baton Rouge, LA

Bruce Cody
Architectural Wood
Ronceverte, WV

Randy Jensen
Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc.
Auburn, AL

Rick Kogler
Strategic Development
Baton Rouge, LA

Matt Lundahl
Meyer & Lundahl
Phoenix, AZ

Bill Munyan
R&M Group, PLLC
Charlotte, NC

Bruce Spitz, Treasurer
Classic Millwork & Products, Inc.
El Paso, TX

Phil Duvic*
Architectural Woodwork Institute
Potomac Falls, VA

Tricia Roberts, Secretary
AWI Quality Certification Corporation
Potomac Falls, VA

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in the fall each year, is responsible for program oversight, including policies and budgets.

Questions or comments, please contact Quality Times Editor Kara Thorp at


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