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September 4, 2014 - Third Quarter
Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 Coming! 

The second edition of the AWS is being printed.  AWI Members may download a PDF copy free of charge from the “Members Only” section of the AWI website,, the week of September 8.  Nonmembers should visit the online AWI Store to purchase copies.  The AWS, Edition 2 takes effect for all projects bid on or after October 1, 2014.

In This Issue:
Top News
•  Abu Dhabi Revisited
•  Highlights of Architectural Woodwork Standards Revisions
Tech Talk
•  AWS Edition 2 Testing Requirements
The View from Here
•  QCP Tutoring Service: New Training & Information Resource
QCP on the Road
•  The Chicago AIA Expo, or ChicAIAgo
•  View from Behind the QCP Booth at IWF Atlanta
•  Opportunities to Learn More about QCP
QCP Resources
•  Get Help, Find Answers
AWI seal Top News
Abu Dhabi Revisited
By Wayne Hintz, QCP Program Manager

Readers of the June 25, 2014 issue of Quality Times may recall that earlier this year QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook and AWI Executive Vice President Philip Duvic travelled to the Middle East at the request of ALEC Fit-out, the interior contractor for the new headquarters of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).  The 70+ floor project includes a substantial amount of American Black Walnut veneer wall panels and casework.  AWI/QCP inspected over 60 finished sequenced and slip matched veneer samples to provide an assessment of compliance with project specifications and the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS).  This review was an important component of ongoing deliberations by project stakeholders to determine how the specification might evolve to achieve maximum visual continuity throughout a building requiring multiple contrasting flitches of quartered, slip matched, highly figured veneer.

The current veneer matching specification is described as “controlled random match”.  In mid-August, QCP Program Manager Wayne Hintz headed to Abu Dhabi and neighboring Dubai to review an initial wall panel installation and other products in fabrication using this concept.  The specification allows mixing of leaves from different flitches, but involves a selection process to eliminate leaves not meeting AWS tolerances for AA face natural characteristics, grain slope and sweep, etc.  The selection also seeks to mitigate to some extent severe light/dark contrast at joints of adjacent leaves, which for true random matching is normally unrestricted.  The chosen leaves are then laid out to create individual panels and elevations.

Other products such as plastic laminate casework, doors and frames, and standing and running trim were assessed for conformance, and the issue of storage and handling of the completed products was also explored.  Storage and handling is, of course, paramount in an extremely hot and humid environment like coastal Abu Dhabi, and the product suppliers did a very impressive job of dedicating and monitoring controlled space at their facilities for this purpose, as well as custom-packaging the finished items to protect them from humidity changes during shipping.   The wood products are generally delivered at night to avoid the very high daytime temperatures.

One interesting and innovative aspect of the veneer selection process was the creation of a simple clear acrylic device designed to quickly determine veneer leaf conformance to AWS Section 4 limits of quarter sawn grain’s slope and sweep (AWS page 91, near the bottom of the table). This tool was conceived by ALEC joinery specialist Robert Cusick, and dubbed the “Slope-o-Meter” by ALEC Package (Project) Manager Graeme Johnston.  It consists of a grid scored into the acrylic, demarcated with one foot intervals in one direction, and one inch intervals in the other.  For projects in which grain slope and sweep are part of the conformance equation (especially where a large quantity of veneer is involved) such a device could be mighty handy. 



Above right: ALEC Fit-out’s Graeme  Johnston (left) and Robert Cusick with the “Slope-o-Meter”

Left: “The Slope-o-Meter” in use 

Highlights of Architectural Woodwork Standards Revisions
By Ashley Goodin, AWI Technical Services Manager

The much anticipated Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 will begin rolling out the week of September 8, 2014.  After input from committee members and members-at-large from partner organizations comprising the Joint Standards Committee — Architectural Woodwork Institute, the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada and Woodwork Institute — stakeholders had a voice in the development of the new edition of the AWS.

The AWS, Edition 2 will take effect for all projects bid on or after October 1. 

What’s Different?

Following are a few highlights about enhancements to the AWS that improve the user-friendliness and clarity of the Standards. Users will find simplified terminology, more illustrations, re-wording of selected contents to add clarity, reorganization of relevant data for easy access, and more.

General Highlights

  • New layout featuring a two-column design and compressed numbering format.
  • Information formerly found in the Appendix has been moved to precede each product section.  This moves key information about different options or choices to the forefront and is complimented by the addition of “DI” and “AI” icons to direct users to the Appendix for Design Ideas and Additional Information.
  • Illustrations have been added within the Compliance section to depict the various testing locations for the given tolerances.
  • All errata from AWS, Edition 1 have been fully integrated into Edition 2.
  • Errata will be released on a posting schedule — Quarterly for the first four quarters, every six months thereafter beginning with the first Errata posting of October 1, 2014.
  • There are no “page 10s”.  Persons wishing to submit suggestions for corrections of errors or changes to the Standards will need to visit the AWI website,, and complete the online suggestion form. 
Substantive Changes
  • Casework terminology has been simplified into descriptive terms, abandoning the former “Type” and “Style” designations.  For instance, Type I casework is now known by its descriptive terminology, Frameless Construction, thus avoiding possible confusion.
  • The veneer portions of Sections 4 and 8 have been re-worded to simplify the terminology for the leaf arrangement on panel faces, adding clarity.
  • Section 8 now contains ceiling surfacing and partitions.
  • Matching of panels’ requirements within rooms and within each panel face are clarified.
  • Cabinet stretchers of particleboard or MDF are now required to be 5” in width.
  • Construction and overlay terminology has changed.
  • Miter-fold drawers are now allowed (Economy and Custom Grades).
  • Tolerances have been adjusted.

The Standards will be downloadable from the “Members Only” section of the AWI website,  AWI members will also receive a complimentary copy of the Standards which will be shipped in the coming weeks.  Others may purchase the new AWS book and redline Errata Editions in print from the AWI Store.  

Ashley Goodin is the staff liaison to the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) Technical Committee.  Members of the committee conduct ongoing reviews of the Standards and field policy change suggestions for AWS Errata.  He may be contacted at  Mr. Goodin was formerly employed by QCC.

AWI seal Tech Talk
AWS Edition 2 Testing Requirements
By Wayne Hintz, QCP Program Manager

Per QCP’s published policies (available at, the release of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 (AWS) will entail certain test requirements for current QCP Licensees, as well as companies which apply to become licensees.

The QCP Policies require the owner or president of each licensed company to designate an “official” QCP Liaison.  That person must have some direct responsibility for production, and is authorized by the company to carry out specific QCP related duties, such as signing project certificates.  The QCP Liaison is required to pass the Standards written test at least every three years on behalf of the company (although other company employees are also encouraged to also take the tests periodically).  However, regardless of that three-year anniversary date, the QCP Liaison must pass a test based on the AWS 2nd Edition within six (6) months of the date on which the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and its partners release Edition 2 and make it available for download.  (A similar procedure was followed in 2009 at the time AWS, Edition 1 replaced the previous Quality Standards Illustrated, Eighth Edition.)

Applicants for QCP Licensing are also required to pass a written test demonstrating knowledge of the Standards before the necessary plant and sample inspection may take place.  Again, it is specifically the QCP Liaison who must pass the test for the purposes of licensing.  If on the release date of AWS, Edition 2 the Liaison has already begun a written test based on AWS, Edition 1, the Liaison may complete the Edition 1 test in fulfillment of that licensing requirement.  However, if the Liaison has not begun any test as of the Edition 2 release date, the test he/she takes must be based on Edition 2.

As was the case with the current Edition 1 test, the Edition 2 test is taken electronically at, and may be completed in multiple sessions. You will still be able to save your progress and log in and out as necessary. We suggest you print and/or save the partially completed versions until you complete and submit the test.  We recommend that before taking the Edition 2 test you understand how to navigate the new Standards. These directions will be found in the User’s Guide near the beginning of the document.  Upon logging in to take the test, there will be test instructions detailing the few simple “mechanics” of the website testing process.

Licensees and Applicants should also note that while the subject of this article is the AWS and the written test covering that publication, there are also requirements for written testing with respect to published QCP Policies.  For further information, see section 2.3 and 3.2.7 of QCP Policies here.
AWI seal The View from Here
QCP Tutoring Service: New Training & Information Resource
By Joe Sorrelli, QCC Board of Directors President

Once again the Quality Certification Program (QCP) reaches out with a new and exciting “tutoring” service which can be highly beneficial to not only QCP Applicants and Licensees, but also companies which may be considering applying.  This service makes an independent consultant available to visit your company, presents key points regarding how QCP functions, and answers any and all questions regarding the Program.  The consultants and “curriculum” outline are vetted by QCP.  Topics covered include:

  • The QCP written policies which govern all aspects of its operations.
  • Taking the online QCP Policies and Architectural Woodwork Standards tests.
  • Responsibilities of a company’s designated QCP Liaison.
  • The annual QCP license renewal process.
  • The project registration and certification request process.

Companies wishing to take advantage of this opportunity receive an advance copy of the presentation’s guidelines and a written engagement sheet with agreed-upon fees from the independent consultant.   It should be noted that the consultant is offered as a resource of training and information; however, a QCP licensed company remains solely responsible for its certification of projects, as stated in published QCP Policies.

The tutoring “curriculum” not only speaks to owners and upper management, but also addresses issues pertinent to project managers, engineers and drafters, production personnel, and installers.

This service was recently performed for a QCP licensed firm in Texas with great success, answering every employee’s QCP questions.  For example, one employee asked how to obtain “Permission to Modify” specifications and contract documents in a way acceptable to QCP.  Other questions revolved around project documentation and correspondence requirements for certified projects.  Other employees in the firm were not aware that QCP inspectors look carefully at Specification vs. Standards.  Considerable time was spent on how to read and navigate the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) and its online Errata.  We discussed gaps and tolerances, structural wall blocking, hanging wall covering panels properly, and “balanced construction”.

The feedback from the participating company was that they received more content than anticipated from the presentation, and this new offering is a value.  For details about the service, contact QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook at Fees should be reviewed with the consultant. 

AWI seal QCP on the Road
The Chicago AIA Expo, or ChicAIAgo
By Randolph Estabrook, QCC Executive Director
AWI and the Quality Certification Program (QCP) were represented in Booth 626 in the Wood Pavilion of the American Institute of Architects Chicago AIA Expo, or ChicAIAgo, as it was marketed with great success. As with most AIA shows I have attended, there were several thousand exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees.

The expo floor was open three days, june 26-28, and the attendee traffic was strong the beginning of all days. AWI and QCP distributed 24 copies of the Architectural Woodwork Standards in the first 90 minutes to eager attendees. Many people who were interested in a copy of the AWS were asked to tell us who the keynote speaker was at the 4th annual meeting of the AWI held in, yes, Chicago. Several folks actually correctly guessed Frank Lloyd Wright. The renowned architect was given an award for his support of the Architectural Woodwork Industry at that time in 1957.

Philip Duvic, AWI Executive Vice President, and Camerine Findlay, AWI Education Program Coordinator, helped staff the booth at the show and Ms. Findlay attended an important AIA Continuing Education Training event the day prior to the show. AWI is actually AIA’s oldest continuing education provider.

Many attendees asked that a copy of the AWS be sent to them when our supply was depleted.  Since then, we have completed sending copies to all who requested the AWS at the AIA show.      
We felt warmly recognized by the many who stopped by and may make plans to attend AIA 2015 in Atlanta.

View from Behind the QCP Booth at IWF Atlanta
By Jennica Edwards, QCP Credentialing Manager

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2014 IWF Convention in Atlanta, GA, August 20-23. It was a great opportunity for me to meet some new and potential QCP participants and AWI members. This was my second experience attending a trade show, and it was by far my favorite. It’s fantastic to see so many people congregate together over a shared love for woodwork.

Our booth, although located in the last row, was steadily busy throughout the show. I was able to shake hands with many a familiar name and am now able to put faces to those names. We acquired about 40 leads and handed out a great deal of material including applications, pamphlets, and business cards.

One of the items we had available was the Design Solutions Magazine, published by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). There was a great moment when a pair from Gaithersburg Cabinetry and Millwork came by the booth and discovered their project on the cover and up for display. Many others who visited the booth were excited about the upcoming release of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 (AWS), which is scheduled for the week of September 8. We had a few sample copies of the AWS books out for display and people eagerly paged through to get a taste of what is to come. It was also very valuable for us to hear feedback from our participants regarding the benefits of the Quality Certification Program. Such feedback enables us to continually improve to better suit your needs. Thank you to everyone who stopped by.

All in all, it was a successful show, and I look forward to the next one!

The photo shows (l to r) AWI’s Ashley Goodin (second from left), QCC’s Randy Estabrook and QCP Representative Greg Parham speaking with QCP participants at the IWF.

Opportunities to Learn More about QCP

Conventions / Trade Shows

CSI Construction 2014
QCP Booth 832
When: September 10 – 11, 2014
Where: Baltimore, MD

AIA Design DC 2014
QCP Booth TT1
When: October 1 – 3, 2014
Where: Washington, DC

AWI 62nd Annual Convention

QCP Tabletop Exhibit
When: October 22 – 24, 2014
Where: San Antonio, TX

AWI Webinars

Complimentary Online Learning Forums for AWI Members

CP Talk
Gains insights about typical and important issues to assure a successful outcome for inspected certified projects.
October 1, 2014
2:00 – 3:00 pm (EST)
Information & Registration 

QCP Talk
December 10, 2014
2:00 – 3:00 pm (EST)
Information & Registration 
Coming Soon!

AWI seal QCP Resources
Get Help, Find Answers

Need help with inspection preparation?  Confused about licensing?  Seeking answers to challenging aspects of the Architectural Woodwork Standards?  Turn to QCP Resources to enhance your participation in the Quality Certification Program.

  • QCP website,

  • “Learn More About the Process” at with links to four QCP-produced “You Tube” videos which summarize basic components of the program.
  • QCP Representatives can answer a myriad of questions about certification of projects, interpretations of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and more.
  • AWI Technical Services Manager at

  • QCP Independent Consultant, Joe Sorrelli at

  • AWI "QCP Talk" webinars focus on a variety of topics.  Check out a recent webinar here. Please follow the prompts; you may need to download free software for activation. Previous webinars will be posted on the QCP webiste as back-end changes occur to the site to more easily administer its functionality.

  • Search for QCP Licensees at
  • AWI Speakers Bureau, 

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Congratulations to the following companies that recently earned licenses from QCP. Look for these and more than 550 other QCP-licensed woodworkers at

Barrco - American Wood Products, Inc.
North Haven, CT
QCP License Date: 6/04/2014
AWS Sections: P11.5.1, P11.5.2, P11.5.3, P11.5.4, P11.5.5, P5, P11.2, P10.1, P10.2, P10.3, P11.1

Blue Hive
dba Continental Woodcraft
Worcester, MA
QCP License Date: 6/25/2014        
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P8.1, P8.2, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11.6, P11.E, P6.2, P6 E, P8 E, P10 E, P8.3

Casework Solutions
El Paso, TX
QCP License Date: 6/12/2014
AWS Sections: P10.3, P11.1, P11.3, P10 E, P11.E

Contemporary Cabinets    
Edmond, OK
QCP License Date: 7/16/2014        
AWS Sections: P10.3, P11.1, P11.3, P10 E, P11.E

Delta Cabinet Company, Inc.
Delta, CO
QCP License Date: 7/24/2014
AWS Sections: P11.1, P11.3, P11.5.1, P11.5.2, P11.5.3, P11.5.4, P11.5.5, C10.3, P10 E, P11.E

May Cabinets, Inc.    
Vineland, NJ
QCP License Date: 6/20/2014        
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P6 E, P8 E, C8.1, C8.2

Oyler Construction
Company, Inc. 
Eaton, OH
QCP License Date: 8/01/2014        
AWS Sections: P6 E, P8 E, P10 E, P11.E, P7 E, P9 E

Pond Cove Millwork, Inc.
South Portland, ME
QCP License Date: 7/01/2014
AWS Sections: P5, P10.1, P10.2, P10.3, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P10 E, P11.E

Sprovieris Custom Counters    
Addison, IL
QCP License Date: 7/09/2014        
AWS Sections: P11.3, P11.4, P11.5, P11.6, P11.E

AWI QCC Board of Directors

Joseph A. Sorrelli
QCC President
Aljoe Woodwork Consultants
Bruce Spitz
QCC Treasurer
Classic Millwork & Products, Inc.

Jerry Campbell
Jerry M. Campbell & Associates
David Knockenhauer
McCarthy Construction

Bill Knight
Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.
Rick Kogler
Strategic Development Group
Matt Lundahl
Meyer & Lundahl
Joe F. Winters

Phil Duvic*
Architectural Woodwork Institute

Randolph Estabrook
Corporate Secretary
Quality Certification Corporation

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in the fall each year, is responsible for program oversight, including policies and budgets.

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