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AWI Certification
December 1, 2016 - Fourth Quarter
  • Keep Your QCP License Current
    The Quality Certification Program annual license renewal period opened Nov. 1, 2016 and will close Dec. 31, 2016.
  • ANSI/AWI Standards Update
    Read about the most recent developments concerning AWI Standards including AWI/QCP recommendations about existing standards.
In This Issue:
Top News
•  Stay Current: 2017 QCP Renewal Period Is Underway
•  QCP Project Tracking and Closeout Website Update
•  QCP Advertising Campaign Spurs Growth of LinkedIn Followers
•  QCC Board Poised for Change of Leadership
•  QCC Welcomes New Board Members to November Meeting
Tech Talk
•  ANSI/AWI Standards Update
•  “Manufacturer’s Choice” AWS Finish Selection Guidelines
QCP On the Road
•  QCP Finds Several Matches at Arc-US “Speed Dating” in California
•  QCP Attends CONSTRUCT 2016
•  QCP Participates at 64th AWI Annual Convention in Kansas City
•  AWI Convention — Fresh, New and Enjoyable!
QCP Resources
•  Get Help, Find Answers
Season’s Greetings!
•  Happy Holidays
•  Font Size of Quality Times
AWI seal Top News
Stay Current: 2017 QCP Renewal Period Is Underway

The annual renewal period for all currently licensed firms began Nov. 1, 2016. Each participating firm’s Designated QCP Liaison was sent an invoice by USPS the first week in November.  An e-mail notice will be sent the first week in December. The renewal process involves two steps:

1. Payment of renewal fee.
2. Signature and date of acknowledgement on the AWI / QCC Code of Ethics form.
Renewals are non-refundable and due by 11:59 PM EST, Dec. 31, 2016. Companies that submit after this date will be charged a $300 late fee. Those who have not yet been QCP-licensed for one full year are also required to renew, and will receive a pro-rated renewal invoice for 2017.

Renewals may be submitted by mail, by fax (with a credit card number) or they can be remitted online. Simply click here to renew online or visit the QCP website,, at your convenience before the deadline. (NOTE: To renew online you will need your Username (P-number) and Password (C-number) which are printed on your invoice.)

We look forward to your continued participation with the QCP in 2017. If you haven’t already renewed, make sure to complete the process by Dec. 31, 2016 to avoid late fees and ensure that your company’s licenses continue to be listed on the QCP website.   Should you have questions on the renewal process, please contact Roxanne Accetta at 571.222.4945 or Thank you!

QCP Project Tracking and Closeout Website Update
By Tricia Roberts, QCC Senior Director of Operations
Our website enhancements are saving time and resources for all of our stakeholders. If you haven’t had a chance to use the new project update features on QCP’s website, check it out.  Visit, and click the “Projects” option at the top of the home page to access all the project-related functions.  To use the new capabilities, the QCP Project Number issued at registration is needed, but no User Name or Password is necessary.  For complete information click here.
QCP Advertising Campaign Spurs Growth of LinkedIn Followers

The AWI Quality Certification Program’s advertising campaign has some data points now that several months have passed since its initiation. The three sites on which QCP is active,, and Engineering News Record or, have all produced some impressive statistics. These three sites have been promoting the true cost of a QCP project — just 1/2 percent of the woodwork contract amount. Many stories in the past few years have demonstrated the confusion that exists in the marketplace regarding that figure, and the ads seek to correct those misconceptions.  

While these campaigns have been successful, they pale in comparison to the current campaign on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn campaign targets construction professionals with the top 20 non-conforming items seen by QCP inspectors. When this campaign commenced in March the AWI QCP LinkedIn page had about 100 followers. Today that number is approaching 1,000. This is an extremely good indicator of just how effective this campaign has been.  Click here to visit QCP on LinkedIn.
QCC Board Poised for Change of Leadership
By Randy Estabrook, CSI, LEED® GA, QCC Executive Director

On Nov. 12, the AWI Quality Certification Program Board of Directors met in New Orleans, LA and covered many topics, such as a review of QCP’s financial statements and audit report, along with the newly completed policies for QCP’s new drafting accreditation program (slated for roll-out in early 2017). The drafting accreditation program will test and accredit the knowledge a drafting professional has regarding Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 requirements for shop drawing form and content.

In another action, the Board of Directors elected Bruce Spitz of Classic Millwork & Products, Inc. as 2017 Chairman of the Board. We look forward to Bruce’s steady hand for the upcoming term.

As Bruce is elected chairman, we say goodbye to Rick Kogler of Strategic Development Group. Rick has been involved with the Quality Certification Program since its inception in 1995-1996. During that time Rick has demonstrated an undying passion for the program and has helped promote it at every possible opportunity. Rick has been a member of the QCP Board of Review, the Quality Standard Board of Review, and the AWI Quality Certification Corporation and has served as its Chairman for the past two years. There is no way we can ever repay Rick for the support, vision and guidance he has provided over these many years for what has become the largest and most successful woodworking accreditation program in the world. I hope you will all join me in thanking Rick!

QCC Welcomes New Board Members to November Meeting

Two of three new Quality Certification Corporation Board of Directors members attended the organization’s meeting on Nov. 12.  Their fresh perspectives are welcome as they share insights from their business sector experiences.

Philip Bowers, Advanced Cabinet Systems, Marion, IN

Advanced Cabinet Systems, a subsidiary of JGBowers, Inc. (General Contractors) offers the following services: interior design, licensed architects, MEP design, CAD floor plans, expert and creative interior design, carpentry and other trades, custom cabinetry and casework, and refit.  “Founded by Greg Bowers in 1981, JGBowers, Inc. is a leading provider of general contracting, design build, and construction/maintenance services in the region.”  Advanced Cabinet Systems has been a QCP Licensee since 1998.

Zach Deas, Deas Millwork Company, Semmes, AL

Founded in Mobile, AL (1998), Deas Millwork is a subsidiary of Deas Construction. Deas Millwork was launched to provide casework for projects awarded to Deas Construction as General Contractor.  “We progressed into building doors, cutting mouldings, and creating masterpieces in custom millwork which have become very recognized.  Deas Millwork is a full service, custom millwork and casework facility servicing the Southeast and beyond.”  Deas Millwork Company has been a QCP Licensee since 2009.

AWI seal Tech Talk
ANSI/AWI Standards Update
By Ashley Goodin, AWI Technical Manager
The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) continues to move forward in its mission to “Create, publish, and continually improve the architectural woodwork industry standards.” 

Through AWI’s ANSI-approved standards writing process, the AWI Technical Committee and volunteer subject expert review teams will develop a multi-section suite of Standards that harmonize with other relevant ANSI industry standards. By doing so, differing interpretations and conflicts surrounding the Standard will be minimized.  

AWI’s new Standard’s content will be determined through balanced input between standards users, woodwork producers, and general interest industry stakeholders.

How is the Next Generation of Woodwork Standards radically different and highly effective?

Each section of the ANSI/AWI Standard will be concise, short and to the point regarding Materials, Performance Measures and Aesthetic Measures. To meet the Standard, the woodwork must meet the performance and aesthetic measures — period.

If the ANSI/AWI format is short, where does all that great woodwork general information go?

Most of the informational content that has been included as part of AWI’s standards initiatives over the past 30 years will be removed from the ANSI/AWI architectural woodwork standard.

The collective knowledge base of woodwork education and information will be re-purposed, updated and migrated into a digital resource book about architectural woodwork and today’s high tech manufacturing environment, and should well serve as a hub where selections of various products can be featured to help inform design professionals about various options for developing their own unique specification requirements.

We envision the education component and companion to our Standard to be interactive; contain links to related information sources; it may contain video clips to help better explain a process; and will interact largely as an online “Woodwork Information App” of sorts.

How will this new standard be formatted?

The ANSI/AWI Standard will be formatted as stand-alone independent sections related to subject matter. Doing so allows for a more fluid development process where subject experts, stakeholders, and affiliated associations are able to collaborate and create standards that are focused and concise.

How will the subject matter be identified and numbered in the ANSI/AWI Standard?

The numbering system for the new ANSI/AWI Standard subject matter will follow the Construction Specifiers Institute’s (CSI) Master Format. The CSI Specification Section numbering system is comprehensive and subject specific in its sub-divisions.

When will the new standards be released?

Drafts are currently in the development stage right now. The first sections of the new generation of AWI Standards are targeted for release to canvas in 2018 and other sections to follow in 2019 and beyond.

What standard will AWI recognize as our prevailing Standard document in the interim?

The Architectural Woodwork Institute and the AWI Quality Certification Program both continue to provide support and services based on the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2, 2014.  This also remains the standard of reference for ARCOM/MasterSpec.  

Additionally, both the Woodwork Institute and AWMAC continue to provide services for the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2, 2014. AWI and QCP continue to collaborate on an advisory basis for any issues that may arise related to conflicts and interpretations of the AWS Edition 2.

What about the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 3, 2016 (NAAWS)?

The NAAWS was developed jointly by the Woodwork Institute and the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada. This standard was released in May of 2016 and adopted by the Woodwork Institute on July 1, 2016.  As of November 10, 2016, the NAAWS has not been adopted by AWMAC. The Architectural Woodwork Institute does not endorse this standard and as such, Quality Certification Program (QCP) services are not available based on this standard.

AWI suggests that all architects and design professionals continue to use and specify the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2, 2014 in order to access the largest pool of qualified manufactures for their projects as well as have the option of receiving services from the quality assurance programs of all three organizations.

Questions, concerns...want to discuss and learn more?

Ashley Goodin, CAE
AWI Technical Services Manager

Editor’s Note:  For details about the history of AWI’s involvement in the Architectural Woodwork Standards, see back issues of  Quality Times —  First Quarter 2016 and Fourth Quarter 2014.

“Manufacturer’s Choice” AWS Finish Selection Guidelines

On those occasions when a finish is unspecified, or your woodworking firm is handling the finishing selection for a direct-to-client project, Section 5 of the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), Edition 2 may provide all the information needed to determine the best finish or finishes for the various applications involved.  Below are comments from Margaret S. Fisher which appeared recently as part of a discussion thread on the “My AWI Community” member forum.  Margaret is a lifetime AWI Honorary Member, and its most prolific speaker.

“Here is what I generally suggest when I deliver the AWI Finishing Design Pro Seminar.  The AWS Section 5 is crammed with good info to figure out what to do.  I would suggest starting with actually reading pages 110-112 to get a general grasp of the stuff you will find helpful to know in order to decide what finish is right for your project or several parts of your project.  Then, go to page 115. There you will find a really handy chart that gives you the basics on each finish that is covered in the book.  This just focuses on what the finish is typically used for and the basic known pros/cons of each.  When you've finished looking at that you will already have narrowed down what to use where.  It's important to remember that a great finish is like art.  Every painting tells a story: what happened before, what's happening now and what's going to happen next.  In the case of a good finish you have to think about this same thing.  What happened before? Someone made something out of wood.  What's happening now?  Someone wants to protect it and bring out its best aesthetic features.  What's going to happen next?  Someone is going to install it, touch it, clean it, possibly need to repair it.  That brings us to page 113.  Notice how the first two things listed there are ‘General Durability’ and ‘Repairability’?  These are REALLY Serious considerations.  So, take the finish systems you have it narrowed down to, and judge them against the numbers you see in the first two rows of that chart. This should help solidify your choice.  You will also need to become familiar with that which makes a good finish or brings the finish to the desired outcome the customer/you have in mind.  All that info is found on pages 118 - 121. Then take your choice and go forward to the compliance requirement pages for each finish system starting on page 122. Go to the finish you have in mind and see what steps to specify and what makes the finished product an Economy, Custom, or Premium grade job.  I would also suggest talking to someone who is a factory finish material rep.  They are often very good with the technical/language part of this and are good at offering assistance.  I hope this helps.”  

Margaret Fisher
Lange Bros. Woodwork Co., Inc.
West Bend, WI

AWI seal QCP On the Road
QCP Finds Several Matches at Arc-US “Speed Dating” in California
Bill Munyan (AIA), Principal of R&M Group-NC, PLLC, Architects, past Quality Certification Program (QCP) President and venerated long-time Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) activist, attended the recent Arc-US 2016 event at the Hotel Del Coronado (San Diego, CA) on behalf of QCP.  The event (Nov. 17 -20) was similar in concept to hundreds of other such forums conducted internationally each year.  Spanning many industries, the basic format common to all these confabs is a pre-arranged series of rapid-fire meetings often likened to speed dating.  These face-to-face networking opportunities pair senior management of significant architectural firms with individuals and organizations which have products or services to offer the design community.  Produced by BOND Events, QCP Executive Director Randy Estabrook previously attended the 2015 “arc-Middle East” forum to explore a growing interest in AWI and QCP participation in regional projects.

These meetings represented somewhat of a role reversal for Bill, who noted that, “Previously I had attended several arc-US meetings as an architect/specifier.  This time I was on the other side of the table providing information about QCP.  Arc-US provided QCP with 13 interviews, and all but one of these meetings were requested by the architects.  I spoke with representatives from NBBJ, Cannon Design, Perkins+Will, HOK, AECOM, and CallisonRTKL, just to name a few.  All of the response was very positive regarding the architectural woodwork quality assurance that QCP offers.  All of the architects suggested follow-up ‘Lunch-and-Learns’ for their particular offices, and offered to make their firms’ other locations available for similar informational events in the future.”

Without an architect who specifies QCP for his/her project, no QCP license holder would have an opportunity to potentially benefit from the advantage embodied in that credential.  Bill’s positive and productive experience indicates that QCP will continue to take advantage of the “arc” method to spread QCP awareness to design community decision-makers.

(Above) The Arc-US meetings were held in this magnificent room featuring a 30-foot, sugar-pine ceiling.  Several features of the Crown Room, including the woodwork, were designed by Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum.  “What a perfect place to hold discussions about the Quality Certification Program beneath such an outstanding example of beautiful woodwork,” Bill said.

QCP Attends CONSTRUCT 2016


QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook manned the QCP booth at CONSTRUCT 2016, sponsored by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Sept. 7-10 in Austin, TX.  Attendees to CONSTRUCT are professionals in the institutional, industrial and commercial building fields that design, build, specify, engineer, renovate and operate in the built environment.

QCP Participates at 64th AWI Annual Convention in Kansas City
By Tricia Roberts, QCC Senior Director of Operations
Besides manning a QCP tabletop at the AWI Annual Convention on October 23-25, QCP employees, Randy Estabrook, Greg Parham, Tricia Roberts and George Dudley were able to participate in several of the team building activities and attend many of the educational sessions as well as plant tours offered.  We discovered that Randy Estabrook has a hidden golf talent, leading the QCP team in the Top Golf excursion but unable to help the rest of us from coming in dead last. Did I mention the plant tours?  This year both RCS Millwork and C.S. Humphrey & Company, current QCP Licensees, opened their doors for a guided tour of their plants and answered questions on how they operate.  A big thank you for their time and dedication in the preparation leading up to this event.  One of my personal favorite excursions at every Convention!

As always, the face time with our current licensees is irreplaceable.  We are able to answer specific program and project questions for future and current applicants as well as firms already in the program and put a face with a name for some of the over 540 companies currently licensed.  AWI staff and volunteers work long and hard to put together this annual tradition and the end result was an overwhelming positive educational/networking experience.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year in Charleston.

Pictured above, left to right: Bruce Spitz, Classic Millwork; Randy Estabrook, QCP's Executive Director; George Dudley, QCP's Project Coordinator; Tricia Roberts, QCP's Sr. Director of Operations; and Sebastian DesMarais, Hollywood Woodwork, Inc. The AWI Heart of America Chapter sponsored a Brewery/Barbecue tasting on Saturday evening where we met up with Bruce Spitz, our upcoming QCP 2017 Chairman and Sebastian DesMarais, QCP's current Treasurer, to enjoy some local cuisine and spirits.  We thank the chapter for their generous hospitality!
AWI Convention — Fresh, New and Enjoyable!
By Randy Estabrook, CSI, LEED® GA, QCC Executive Director
The AWI convention is always a time of reconnection, revival and learning, at least it has been that way for me since my very first AWI Convention in Chicago in 1985. Most people I know in AWI refer to these conventions by the name of the president that was then in office; in 1985 it was Burl Terrill’s convention.

In some ways this year’s convention, chaired by Greg Lutz, 2016 AWI President, was very similar to that of 1985 in that it was fresh, new and enjoyable.

I started with the Benihana case study presented by Marc Sanderson of Wilkie Sanderson. It was a very informative exercise whereby up to a point, you study the history of the firm, including financials, market presence and the strategic direction and decisions made by leadership. Based on the information you have been given, you then make predictions on what would be the best direction and market strategy for the company. Next, you discover how far off or on your predictions were — all of this during an active dialogue between you and the other 30 attendees that can become a bit impassioned. Very interesting and a great learning tool. I highly recommend participating at the next one.

Probably the next most memorable moment, not to discount the numerous high power and valuable speakers that appeared on the large stage during the AWI event, was perhaps my conversation with a prospective QCP applicant who had been thinking about whether becoming a licensee in the AWI Quality Certification Program was a good fit for his business. Tim Columbus of Columbus Woodwork asked some very good questions about the steps in the application phase of the process.  His questions were quite specific about the application itself, the cost and how the online test worked. Most answers are on the QCP website,, but it is always good to be able to have a conversation about all the steps with a live person. I am hoping the conversation with Tim proved helpful and that he will make the decision to join the QCP.
AWI seal QCP Resources
Get Help, Find Answers

Need help with inspection preparation?  Confused about licensing?  Seeking answers to challenging aspects of the Architectural Woodwork Standards?  Turn to QCP Resources to enhance your participation in the Quality Certification Program.

  • QCP Representatives can answer a myriad of questions about certification of projects, interpretations of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and more.
AWI seal Season’s Greetings!
Happy Holidays

From our office to yours — have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.  Best wishes for prosperity in the New Year!

From the QCC Board of Directors & Staff


AWI seal Administration
Font Size of Quality Times

A subscriber who frequently reads Quality Times on a hand-held device alerted QCC that the size of the body text in our newsletter is too small for easy readability.  We increased the size of the font to enhance the readability in small format.  Hope it helps.

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New QCP Licensees

Congratulations to the following companies that recently earned licenses from QCP. Look for nearly 550 other QCP-licensed woodworkers at

Annandale Millwork Corporation
Winchester, VA
QCP License Date: 09/22/2016        
AWS Sections: P5, P6, P6.1, P6.2, P6.5, P6E.1, P6E.5, P8.1, P8.2, P8.3, P8.4, P8E, P10.1, P10.2, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11.4, P11E

CG Millwork and
Construction, LLC

El Paso, TX
QCP License Date: 09/26/2016        
AWS Sections: P10E, P11.1, P11.3, P11E, C10.3    

CIF Labsolutions, LP
Vaughan, ON, Canada
QCP License Date: 11/16/2016        
AWS Sections: P5, P10.1

Crown Custom
Millwork, LLC

Phoenix, AZ
QCP License Date: 09/27/2016        
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P6.2, P6.4, P6E, P6E.1, P6E.2, P7, P7E, P8.1, P8.2, P8.3, P8E, P9.2, P9E, P10.1, P10.2, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11E, C9.1    

Fabri-Khan & Alex, Inc.
Montreal, QC, Canada
QCP License Date: 11/07/2016        
AWS Sections: P.5, P8.1, P10.1, P11.2

Madigan Millworks
Unionville, CT
QCP License Date: 09/22/2016        
AWS Sections: P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.3, P11E

Nature-Tech, LLC
Milwaukee, WI
QCP License Date: 10/10/2016    
AWS Section: P6.1, P8E, P10.E, P11E, C6E.1, C8E, C10.3

Nu-Tech Furnishings, Inc.
Islandia, NY
QCP License Date: 10/27/2016        
AWS Sections: P6E.1, P8E, P10.E, P11E, C6E.1, C8E, C10.3

Plastic Sales Corporation
Charleston, WV
QCP License Date: 10/20/2016        
AWS Sections: P10.3, P11, P11.2, P11.3

Premier Woodworking Concepts
Woodstock, IL
QCP License Date: 10/19/2016        
AWS Sections: P10.3, P11, P11.1, P11.3

Prestige Millwork
Star, NC
QCP License Date: 09/20/2016        
AWS Section: P10.3


2016 AWI QCC
Board of Directors

Rick Kogler
QCC President
Strategic Development Group

Sebastien DesMarais
QCC Treasurer
Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.

Philip Bowers
Advanced Cabinet Systems

Jerry Campbell
Jerry M. Campbell & Associates

Zach Deas
Deas Millwork Company

David Knochenhauer
McCarthy Construction

Joseph A. Sorrelli
Aljoe Woodwork Consultants

Bruce Spitz
Classic Millwork &
Products, Inc.
Joe F. Winters

Phil Duvic*
Architectural Woodwork Institute

Randolph Estabrook
Corporate Secretary
Quality Certification Corporation

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in the fall each year, is responsible for program oversight, including policies and budgets.

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