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December 5, 2017
  • 2018 QCP Renewal Period Underway
    It’s that time of the year to keep your QCP License current for the next 12 months.  Don’t let your benefits lapse.
In This Issue:
Top News
•  Keep It Current: 2018 QCP Renewal Period Is Underway
QCP Outreach
•  QCC E-letter for the Construction Industry Enjoys Robust “Open Rate”
•  AWI Design Solutions Touts Value of Standards to Architects & Design Professionals
Tech Talk
•  “The Fasten-ating Anchor Screw”
QCP On the Road
•  CONSTRUCT 2017: Reaching Specification Consultants
•  AWI Convention Breakout Session: “AWI‘s Quality Certification Program: The Present, The Future”
QCP Learning Opportunities
•  QCP Talk Webinars
QCP Resources
•  Get Help, Find Answers
Season’s Greetings!
•  Happy Holidays
AWI seal Top News
Keep It Current: 2018 QCP Renewal Period Is Underway
By Tricia Roberts, Sr. Director of Operations

The annual renewal period for all currently licensed firms kicked off Nov. 1, 2017. Each firm’s QCP liaison was sent an invoice by USPS the first week in November and an e-mail notice the first week in December.

The renewal process involves two steps:

1. Payment of renewal fee.
2. Signature and date of acknowledgement on the AWI / QCC Code of Ethics form.

Renewals are due by 11:59 pm EST, Jan. 2, 2018.
 Companies that submit after this date will be charged a $300 late fee. Those who have not yet been QCP-licensed for one full year are also required to renew, and will receive a pro-rated renewal invoice for 2018.

Renewals may be submitted by mail, by fax (with a credit card number) or they can be remitted online. Simply click here to renew online or visit the QCP website,, at your convenience. (NOTE: You will need your username (P-number) and password (C-number) to renew online, which are printed on your invoice.) As of Jan. 12, 2018, the status of companies that have not renewed will be changed to “Suspended.”  (Click here to see additional details in Section 3.1 of the QCP Policies.)

The renewal fees for 2018 will remain the same as last year:

Renewal AWI Manufacturing Members =


Renewal All Other =  


Late Fee =   

$  300

We look forward to your continued participation with the QCP in 2018 and appreciate the timely renewal of all the participants who have already completed the process. If you haven’t renewed, make sure to complete the process by Jan. 2, 2018 to avoid late fees and ensure that your company’s license(s) continue(s) to be active on the QCP website.   Should you have questions on the renewal process, please contact Roxanne Accetta at 571.222.4945 or Thank you!

AWI seal QCP Outreach
QCC E-letter for the Construction Industry Enjoys Robust “Open Rate”
Are general contractors, architects, design professionals, specifiers and others being told about the value of the Quality Certification Program (QCP) for their projects?  You bet they are…in many ways! 

On October 3, the Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) launched an online publication titled Quality Review. This new communications vehicle aims to reach thousands of QCP Licensees’ existing and potential customers in the design/build industry. Quality Review emphasizes the value of QCP as a quality assurance regimen, and in a variety of ways explains why the Program is an unmatched industry-recognized risk management tool. Using real-world topics relevant to all architectural woodwork stakeholders, Quality Review conveys to design professionals and building owners how they may rely on QCP to validate the skills and abilities of architectural woodworkers, and to verify the conformance of a project’s delivered works with specifications and AWI Standards.

The inaugural issue of Quality Review received a 48% open rate among its 3,500 recipients — a very high statistic for online e-letters.  That number is a gauge of reader interest as well as the publication’s potential for promoting the value of QCP. The publication is posted on QCP’s website,, under “News” for anyone to access 24/7.

Initially, Quality Review will be published at least twice annually. Consider forwarding the link to your customers to show your affiliation as a QCP Licensee. Also, please help us add additional contact names to the mailing list by contacting Roxanne Accetta at
AWI Design Solutions Touts Value of Standards to Architects & Design Professionals

In a continuing effort to educate the design, specification and construction industry about AWI’s efforts as an ANSI-accredited Standards Developer Organization (SDO), the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) featured two relevant articles in the fall edition of Design Solutions Magazine, its quarterly journal of fine architectural woodwork.

The first is the Cornerstone article, “The Real Value of Industry Standards,” which explains how Standards impact the marketplace, details the history of AWI’s role in writing standards, and notes its current efforts in developing the next generation of woodwork standards.  Access the Cornerstone article here.

A companion technical article, “Standards: What and Why,” states that “AWI has answered the challenge of meeting the expectations for advanced Standards writing that reflects the scientifically measured products in the next generation of woodwork Standards.”  Access the technical article here.

Together, the two articles make the case for ANSI-approved Standards and the consensus-based development process for SDOs.  Check out the articles and make sure your customers see the fall edition of Design Solutions, AWI’s quarterly journal of fine architectural woodwork.

AWI seal Tech Talk
“The Fasten-ating Anchor Screw”
By Wayne Hintz, QCP Representative-at-Large

After all the planning, detailing, and care involved in manufacturing even basic runs of architectural cabinets, the act of simply screwing them to a wall might at times seem anti-climactic.  However, when that particular mundane act of the installation process is not given the attention it deserves, negative outcomes can ensue.

Securely anchoring cabinets is certainly taken seriously by AWI’s current standard, the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), Edition 2 (2014).   AWS Section 10 lists rules for both fabrication and installation of casework.  Requirements for affixing cabinets to structural walls begin at line item (page 330).  Also read 10.5 (page 327), “Installation Preparation and Qualification Requirements” for a discussion of the general contractor’s and the installer’s responsibilities.  Pay particular attention to in-wall blocking requirements.

Below are highlights of the cabinet anchoring requirements, along with some comments which hopefully will enhance your understanding.

  • In addition to attaching cabinets to structural walls, adjacent cabinets must also be attached to one another. AWS and 13.3.1 state: “Adjacent cabinet units to be fastened together at the front with a minimum of two #8…screws, a maximum of 30” on center.  Binder head sex bolts are permitted.”  These “cabinet connectors” are sometimes missing altogether in projects observed by QCP.*  At exposed interior surfaces (such as interiors of bookshelves), heads of cabinet connecting screws must be covered by caps compatible in color with the cabinet’s interior. (Note that paint is not a “screw head cover cap”.)  This cap requirement does not apply to cabinets whose interiors are covered by doors, and are therefore “semi-exposed”.
  •  Anchorage Fasteners must be at least a #10 diameter screw (4.6 mm), a minimum of 3” long, and with a “surface bearing head”.  See the AWS glossary on page 507 for the definition of “surface bearing head”.  Long story short, countersunk flat head screws are not permitted, and neither are flat head screws with “beauty rings” or similar washers.  Drywall and bugle head screws (such as some coated deck screws) are prohibited.
  • requires that a cabinet anchor screw “achieve a minimum penetration of 1-1/2” into the wall studs, in-wall blocking, or masonry walls.”  Therefore, if a cabinet has a ¾” back and ¾” anchor strip, and the wall is covered with ¾” drywall, the 3” minimum anchor screw referenced above under would allow only a ¾” penetration of in-wall blocking.  A conforming anchor screw in this example would have to be at least 3-3/4” long to achieve the required 1-1/2” penetration into wall blocking.  In practical terms of standard screw sizes, this would mean a 4” long anchor screw.
  • Note that there are no anchor screw thread requirements stated in the Standard.  Both a coarse-thread screw for wood blocking, and a fine-thread screw for sheet metal blocking is acceptable, as long as the screws are at least #10 diameter.
  •  The screw head cover caps required for cabinet connector screw heads at interior exposed surfaces are also required for anchor screw heads at interior exposed surfaces.
  • See AWS and for information regarding the quantity of anchor screws required for each cabinet, and the parameters within which the screws must be located on the cabinet backs.
  • excludes “loose” toekick assemblies from floor anchorage, but does require fastening “in the field to the cabinet bottom with flat head screws set flush or slightly recessed, to prevent their movement.”
AWI seal QCP On the Road
CONSTRUCT 2017: Reaching Specification Consultants
By Randy Estabrook, CSI, LEED® GA, QCC Executive Director

Specification Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP) is a unique group in the construction industry. Personally I only became aware of this group just a few years ago.  What is SCIP? It’s a professional organization of experienced construction specifiers that for more than 47 years has provided a collaborative venue for specifiers who develop construction specifications for professional design firms, facility managers, government agencies, and manufacturers.

Each year prior to the CONSTRUCT event SCIP holds a one-day meeting to showcase sponsors, discuss issues and board actions, and address strategic issues for this specific group. The SCIP event does provide AWI QCP with an additional outreach opportunity to interact with the very people that place the QCP requirement language in project contact documents. It is also a way for QCP to hear feedback about from a different perspective. QCP has been a proud sponsor for many years.
CONSTRUCT 2017 was held at the Providence, RI convention center, September 13-15, 2017. CONSTRUCT is a national trade show at which QCP can meet commercial-level owners, facility managers, architects, specifiers, engineers, manufacturers and product reps. QCP participated during the two-day trade show as a displaying exhibitor distributing AWS flash drives and our sought-after red pens as well as seeing old friends and creating new ones. CONSTRUCT provides the opportunity to interact with many people involved in the interior built environment and is perhaps QCP’s most valuable group and annual event.  To that end, QCP participated as an exhibitor sponsor and closed out the week at the best party at CONSTRUCT held at Skyline at Waterplace in downtown Providence. The music, food and evening views guaranteed a great time for all.

Pictured above, QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook (center) talks with a CONSTRUCT 2017 attendee about the value of the Quality Certification Program for design-build projects.

AWI Convention Breakout Session: “AWI‘s Quality Certification Program: The Present, The Future”

AWI QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook spoke at AWI’s recent annual convention about QCP’s present and future.  His presentation was at the invitation of AWI’s President Kristine Cox.

Randy told Quality Times that, “One of the first things that occurred to me about this topic was how a little QCP history might be interesting, especially how QCP came into existence.”  As additional context, Randy offered a brief personal history of his own early beginnings in the industry.  He described how his company (started in 1980) was similar to other woodworking firms in that his initial efforts were not well funded and not strategically well planned.  “As with many artisans who evolve into entrepreneurs, the initial effort is based in a passion for the work, but the business acumen comes later as a necessity for survival,” Randy noted.

The AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) was launched in 1995 with three test projects.  The “chicken and egg” challenge faced by QCP was that it simultaneously needed architects to specify QCP certification for their projects, and architectural woodwork subcontractors that had become QCP licensed to certify those projects. The first three projects occurred in Minnesota, with three architectural firms and three woodworking firms involved.  “I remember the heated discussions at the AWI Board meetings while I was a director from 1990-1996,” Randy said.  “AWI President (1991-1992) Lee Biagiotti was so determined and passionate about creating QCP as a response to requests from architects to help enforce their own specifications, and the conversation had many supporters and opponents.” (Lee was the driving force and original drafter of the Quality Certification Program, adopted by the Architectural Woodwork Institute in Washington, DC.  He immersed himself in AWI's growth and now worldwide recognition of AWI's Quality Certification Program. In 1997, Lee was awarded the coveted Architectural Woodwork Institute Rinehimer Award.)

After 20 plus years, QCP has been through several iterations and today has not only become the largest woodworking accreditation program in the world, but has also reimbursed AWI for all start-up costs and has contributed significantly to the support of AWI’s programs and services.QCP today has increased its interaction with architects, woodworkers and even general contractors through efforts including trade shows, direct mail, e-mail exchanges and follow-up phone calls.

QCP’s latest technological effort is in the prototype stage. Virtual inspections are currently being evaluated as a program service.  To date, QCP inspectors have completed a variety of inspections via Skype exchanges.  QCP Representative John Reininger has been very involved with the use and assessment of this potential new inspection technique.  He reports that, “I feel I can see everything via Skype that I can in person.”  Take a look at a short clip of a recent door company plant inspection John conducted.  As this technology is developed, the AWI QCC Board of Directors will continue the necessary review.

A Sustaining AWI Sponsor, the Quality Certification Program gained recognition at a tabletop booth (pictured above) during AWI’s Product Fair held at the 65th AWI Annual Convention, October 29-31 in Charleston, SC. Pictured here (left to right) are: QCP Inspections Manager Greg Parham, QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook, and QCC Sr. Director of Operations Tricia Roberts. They talked with AWI members about the prototype technology QCC is testing as well as other QCP Licensing issues.

AWI seal QCP Learning Opportunities
QCP Talk Webinars
From time to time, QCP hosts one-hour online sessions about various aspects of the Quality Certification Program and conformity to Standards. To participate in webinars in 2018, visit "Education/Webinars" on AWI's website,, for more details.

Meanwhile, check out the variety of prior QCP Talk Webinars archived on the QCP website here.
AWI seal QCP Resources
Get Help, Find Answers

Need help with inspection preparation?  Confused about licensing?  Seeking answers to challenging aspects of the Architectural Woodwork Standards?  Turn to QCP Resources to enhance your participation in the Quality Certification Program.

  • QCP Representatives can answer a myriad of questions about certification of projects, interpretations of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and more.

  • AWI "QCP Talk" webinars focus on a variety of topics.  Check out the webinars archived here.

AWI seal Season’s Greetings!
Happy Holidays

From our office to yours – have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.  Best wishes for prosperity in the New Year!

From the QCC Board of Directors & Staff

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New QCP Licensees

Congratulations to the following companies that recently earned licenses from QCP. Look for nearly 550 other QCP-licensed woodworkers at

AMG Casework    
Morrisville, NC    
QCP License Date: 10/10/2017    
AWS Sections: P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11E

Associated Construction Enterprises, Inc. (ACE)
Phoenix, AZ
QCP License Date: 09/12/2017            
AWS Sections: P8.3, P8E, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.3, P11E

Concept Millwork    
London, ON, Canada
QCP License Date: 11/01/2017        
AWS Sections: P5, P6.2, P9.2

DK Finishing    
Sterling, VA
QCP License Date: 09/18/2017        
AWS Section: P5

Faustrollean Fixture Company, Inc.
Portland, OR
QCP License Date: 09/28/2017    
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P6.2, P6E.1, P6E.2, P8.1, P8.3, P8.4, P9E, P10.1, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11E, C8.1, P11E

MDN Cabinets, Inc.    
Raleigh, NC
QCP License Date: 11/06/2017        
AWS Sections: P8.1, P8.3, P10.1, P10.3, P11.1, P11.3, P8E, P10E, P11E, P11.2

R.A. Lilly & Sons, Inc.
DBA Five Star Fab & Fixture
Salem, VA
QCP License Date: 11/15/2017        
AWS Sections: P8.3, P8.4, P8.5, P8E, P10.1, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.3, P11.4, P11.5, P11.6, P11E, P11E

Showbest Fixture Corporation
Henrico, VA
QCP License Date: 09/22/2017        
AWS Sections: C10.3, P10.3

Victory Woodworks
Sparks, NV
QCP License Date: 11/13/2017        
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P6E.1, C8.1, P8E, C10.1, P10E, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11E, C10.3, P11E

WoodEz Fine
Woodworks, Inc.
Columbia Falls, MT
QCP License Date: 10/24/2017        
AWS Sections: P5, P6, P6.1, P8.1, P8.2, P10.1, P10.2, P10.3, P11.2, P11.3


2017 AWI QCC
Board of Directors

Bruce Spitz
QCC Chairman
Classic Millwork &
Products, Inc.

Michael R. McNulty, Sr.
QCC Chairman-Elect
Millwork One, Inc.

Sebastien DesMarais
QCC Treasurer
Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.

Philip Bowers
Advanced Cabinet Systems

Jerry Campbell
Jerry M. Campbell & Associates

Zach Deas
Deas Millwork Company

David Knochenhauer
McCarthy Holdings, Inc.

Joseph A. Sorrelli
Aljoe Woodwork Consultants

Barton Ward
Montbleau & Associates

Joe F. Winters

Phil Duvic*
Architectural Woodwork Institute

Randolph Estabrook
Corporate Secretary
Quality Certification Corporation

* ex officio
The board, which convenes in the fall each year, is responsible for program oversight, including policies and budgets.

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