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AWI Certification
Fourth Quarter - December 17, 2019
  • Standards Testing Deadline Is Two Months Away!
    All licensed companies have been sent instructions to complete testing by Feb. 15, 2020 on the new sections of AWI Standards released to date.
  • 2020 QCP License Renewal Deadline Is Dec. 31
    Maintaining your certification is the best way to keep your competitive advantage as new players enter the field.
In This Issue:
Top News
•  QCP Licensees Receive Prestigious AWI Standard of Excellence Awards
•  2020 QCP License Renewal Deadline Is Dec. 31
•  Standards Testing Deadline Is Two Months Away!
•  New Standards Coming From AWI & ISFA Partnership
Tech Talk
•  In the Thick of It
QCP on the Road
•  QCP Delivers Value Message to Design Professionals
•  QCP Greets Licensees at AWI Convention
•  QCP Visits with Commercial Building Teams at CSI Show
•  QCP Visits Kauffman Center for Video Session & Tours C.S. Humphrey & Company
QCP Learning Opportunities
•  QCP Blog: What Happens during a QCP Project Inspection?
•  You Asked, We Answered: Find Out on QCP’s YouTube Channel
•  Learn More About QCP at Events & on Social Media
QCC Staff News
•  Another QCC Staff Member in the Making?
Season’s Greetings
•  Happy Holidays!
QCP Resources
•  Get Help, Find Answers
AWI seal Top News
QCP Licensees Receive Prestigious AWI Standard of Excellence Awards

The AWI Quality Certification Corporation (AWI QCC) congratulates the QCP Licensees who received top honors in AWI’s Annual Standard of Excellence program.  Awards were presented at the 67th AWI Annual Convention, Oct. 6-8, 2019 in Providence, RI.  The award-winning projects of the following honorees were featured in various editions of AWI’s Design Solutions Magazine. Click on the links below and read about each project’s challenges.

Project: Office Tower at 609 Main, Houston, TX
Licensed QCP Manufacturer/Woodworker:
Brochsteins, Inc., Houston, TX

Design Solutions: Spring 2019
Photographer: Joe Aker

Project: Harvard Business School Klarman Hall, Boston, MA
Licensed QCP Manufacturer/Woodworker:
Millwork One, Cranston, RI
Design Solutions: Summer 2019
Photographer: Robert Benson


Project: Shreve & Company Retail Space, San Francisco, CA
Licensed QCP Manufacturer/Woodworker:
Bernhard Woodwork, Ltd., Northbrook, IL
AWI Supplier Members: Häfele America Company & Crown Veneer
Design Solutions: Winter 2019
Photographer: Drew Altizer


Project: Carriage House in Massachusetts
Licensed QCP Manufacturer/Woodworker:
South Shore Millwork, Norton, MA

Design Solutions
: Spring 2019
Photographer: Greg Premru


Project: Rush Copley Medical Center, Surgery Addition and Main Entry, Aurora, IL
Licensed QCP Manufacturer/Woodworker:
Lange Bros. Woodwork Company, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Design Solutions: Fall 2018
Photographer: Tricia Shay

2020 QCP License Renewal Deadline Is Dec. 31

As you know, bids for topline woodworking projects have become very competitive. Licensing from QCP provides assurance of a higher quality product and greater confidence in your work. Maintaining your certification is the best way to keep your competitive advantage as new players enter the field.

We appreciate your past participation and look forward to continuing our partnership, ensuring clients receive the highest quality interior architectural woodwork in the industry.

Here is how to renew your license with QCP and continue as a pre-vetted quality firm:

  1. Visit us online at and click on “Annual License Renewal” in the top right corner, or quickly access the loin page by clicking here.
  2. Login to our secure portal using your “User Name” and “Password” to begin.
  3. Submit payment by credit card for licensing renewal.

NOTE: If you have not yet renewed your license on our secure portal, your QCP renewal invoice, which includes your login credentials, was mailed on Dec. 1. Contact us at 571-222-6559, if you need assistance in locating this information.


  • Renewal Deadline: 12/31/2019
  • $300 Late Fee Renewal Charges Begin: 1/1/2020
  • Withdrawal of License: 12/31/2020 (if not renewed)

Renew by Dec. 31 to receive the discounted renewal rate.

Standards Testing Deadline Is Two Months Away!

All licensed companies have been sent instructions to complete testing by Feb. 15, 2020 on the new sections of AWI Standards released to date.

With the release of the new AWI 100 — Submittals; AWI 200 — Care and Storage; AWI 300 — Materials; and ANSI/AWI 0620-2018 — Finish Carpentry/Installation Standard, the Quality Certification Program (QCP) test has been revised to incorporate these supplanted Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) sections for use on QCP projects bid after March 15, 2019.

QCP Policies require retesting on any revised standards within six months of issue.  The new AWI Standards are available at the AWI website here.

AWI seal Standards
New Standards Coming From AWI & ISFA Partnership

In generating the upcoming AWI/ISFA 0661 – Cast Polymer Fabrications Standard, the AWI Standards Development Team will be working alongside members of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA).

For more than 20 years, ISFA has been the leading association for the surfacing industry. ISFA is currently the only trade association with published standards for solid surface fabrication.

Subject Expert Review Teams
Additionally, in the development of the AWI 1232 - Manufactured Wood Casework and the AWI 1235 Specialty Casework Standards, AWI will be enlisting the help of other Subject Expert Review Teams (SERT) to ensure that the standards will best meet the needs of the architectural woodwork community as a whole. Members of ISFA will be also giving direct input on the AWI 1236 – Countertops Standard with regards to the implementation of solid surface. Furthermore, ISFA will be assisting AWI with the development of requirements for solid surface within other standards for applications other than countertops.

The AWI team will begin recruiting members for the SERT teams to assist in the development of these upcoming standards, in January 2020 at a meeting in Nashville.

The SERT teams will be responsible for vetting the standards’ content to ensure accuracy and consistency within the documents, as they relate to each team’s area of expertise.

AWI / ISFA Partnership
“We’re excited about the new partnership with ISFA, as well as the participation of the subject expert reviewers,” said AWI Technical Director, Ashley Goodin. “We believe that these collaborative efforts will help us to develop a product that will increase ease of use of the standards and increase uniformity within different facets of the architectural woodwork industry. It is our hope that these efforts will benefit the industry for years to come.”

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to helping its members become more profitable through education, fostering professionalism and promoting the countertop industry.

AWI seal Tech Talk
In the Thick of It
By Wayne Hintz, QCP Representative

For Quality Certification Program (QCP) certified projects which include HPDL casework and countertops, laminate grade and thickness is an important and sometimes tricky aspect of achieving conformance.  The architect’s specifications regarding laminate grades for various cabinet surfaces often depart from what is allowed in AWI Standards.  For example, a requirement for horizontal grade (HGS) laminate cladding for both exposed and semi-exposed surfaces is a specification we see periodically.  The specified use of cabinet liner (CLS) or vertical grade (VGS) HPDL rather than LPDL (melamine) for semi-exposed cabinet interiors occurs regularly.  Rule of thumb:  Where laminate grade and thickness are concerned, don’t take anything for granted, or assume that specifications will necessarily match AWI Standards.  Read the specifications carefully.

When faced with an architect-specified departure from AWI standards regarding laminate grades, there are only three possible courses of action which the woodworker can take:

  1. Provide what is specified. 
  2. Prior to commencement of casework fabrication, seek and receive the architect’s written approval of your alternative HPDL recommendations.
  3. Ignore the architect’s HPDL requirements, and fabricate the casework using non-specified laminate or melamine, without notifying the architect.

Obviously, this last scenario is fraught with risk, and is not recommended.  If the HPDL grades provided by the woodworker are not those which were specified, that HPDL is nonconforming and could preclude project certification.  At that point, if the woodworker cannot secure the architect’s “after the fact” written acceptance of the laminate as provided, the only other possible resolution would be  physical correction of the nonconformance. In most cases, this would probably require replacement of the casework.  If the woodworker fails to make the necessary corrections, published QCP Policies prescribe revocation from the program.

QCP project inspection reports in 2019 indicated an uptick of a particular conformance issue involving HGS laminate:  While architectural woodwork specifications often require HGS grade for exposed (and sometimes semi-exposed) casework surfaces, the major laminate manufacturers no longer stock HGS grade for a significant number of laminate colors and patterns.  Technically, HGS is still available in most cases as a special order, long-lead item. But for the colors and patterns involved, post-form laminate (HGP) is offered by the manufacturers as the HGS substitute.  If this HPDL issue applies to a laminate specified for your project, the three alternatives outlined in the paragraph above still apply.  However, if requesting the architect to pre-approve a change from the specified HGS to HGP, then market availability, lead time, and possible higher costs may be additional supporting reasons for your change request.

I did a little digging regarding how the trend towards the reduction of HGS availability began.  I was fortunate to make contact with an experienced and knowledgeable gentleman involved with regional distribution of one of the major HPDL brands.  According to him, a few years ago a major HPDL manufacturer began contemplating the very minimal difference between HGS and HGP performance testing results.  In addition, thickness for HGS and HGP was similar, and in fact theoretically overlapped in terms of the industry’s nominal thickness tolerances.  The manufacturer recognized these redundancies, which it addressed by downgrading the market role of HGS.  They perceived this as an economic opportunity due to the simplified production, storage and delivery processes which would result.  Thus began the de-emphasizing of HGS grade for a growing number of their HPDL offerings.  Other manufacturers soon followed suit.

AWI seal QCP on the Road
QCP Delivers Value Message to Design Professionals

Within the design/build industry architects, design professionals and specifiers are among the players with whom the Quality Certification Program engages on architectural woodwork projects. QCP attends pertinent trade shows and conferences to build greater awareness of QCP and forge better relationships with them on behalf of our licensees.

As a part of a strategic educational opportunity, QCP participated in the Arc/Interiors BOND event on Sept. 19 – 22 in Miami, FL. The BOND event assembles influential principals and heads of design firms from leading A&D firms to facilitate networking, education and ultimately the delivery of quality projects.  

QCC Sr. Director of Operations Tricia Roberts met with over 14 attendees explaining the benefits of QCP and how to make certain their project specifications are enforced. 

The format is 30-minute, one-to-one meetings allowing participants to collaborate directly with designers from companies such as HOK, HBA, Perkins & Will and Cannon Design to name a few.  The event offered a worthwhile opportunity to impart QCPs message of delivering, compliance, consistency and quality to each project’s interior millwork package.
QCP Greets Licensees at AWI Convention

QCC’s Tricia Roberts (left) and AWI’s Debby Heidler enjoy catching up during AWIs 67th Annual Convention, October 6 – 8, in Providence, RI.  “It was nice to see so many of our participants all in one place!” Tricia said.

Several QCP Licensees were recognized in AWI's Standard of Excellence Honors Program during the 67th AWI Annual Convention in October in Providence, RI.  See separate article in this edition of Quality Times for details about the honorees along with photos of their projects and links to AWI's Design Solutions Magazine where their work is featured.

QCP Visits with Commercial Building Teams at CSI Show

QCP attended the CONSTRUCT 2019 show held Oct. 9 – 11 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

CONSTRUCT is a national trade show and educational conference for commercial building teams. CONSTRUCT connects thousands of industry leaders, fostering effective communication that in turn helps ensure building success. It also serves as the official trade show of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

Pictured left to right; Greg Parham, director of inspections, and Tricia Roberts, senior director of operations.

QCP Visits Kauffman Center for Video Session & Tours C.S. Humphrey & Company
By Randy Estabrook, CSI, LEED®-GA

On a Monday morning in early October around 8:00 am, the QCP marketing team started arriving at the famous Kauffman Center in Kansas City, MO.  The Kauffman Center is a performing arts venue downtown at 16th and Broadway, near the Power & Light District, the Sprint Center and the Crossroads Arts District, and its construction was a major part of the ongoing redevelopment of downtown Kansas City.

The team of Brandee Johnson, Tara Grassie and Kelsey Seifert of Limelight Marketing along with their film crew arrived first to set up. Next, Grant Golightly, project architect with Design West Architects; QCC Chair Zach Deas, president of Deas Millwork in Alabama; and I joined the Limelight team.

The reason for meeting in Kansas City? Limelight Marketing had pulled this event together to record video from three different perspectives about QCP: the architect, the woodworker and the Quality Certification Program.  Why the Kauffman Center?  The picture on the cover of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 is from, you guessed it, the Kauffman Center.

Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center
Photographer:  Timothy Hursley

Outreach Strategy
The strategy is to expand QCP’s outreach and address awareness by including video in multiple messages on all current QCP media channels—YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—not to mention possible native articles and targeted outreach.

Tour of C.S. Humphrey
After visiting the Kauffman Center the team travelled to the C.S. Humphrey & Company, LLC’s architectural woodwork manufacturing plant (a QCP Licensee) just outside of town. Curt Humphrey, executive vice president, along with Scott Humphrey, project manager, provided a warm welcome and a thorough tour of their impressive facility. The Limelight film crew shot background footage that will add to the composition and context of architectural woodwork, QCP and commercial architecture.

It was a long and dedicated day, and I for one, can’t wait to see some of the final product. Stay tuned and visit us on all our social channels to see what the Limelight team comes up with.
AWI seal QCP Learning Opportunities
QCP Blog: What Happens during a QCP Project Inspection?

We’ve recently looked in detail at what happens before a QCP project inspection, and the five different categories of inspection. In this blog post, QCP explores what to expect during the inspection process.  Learn more here

Watch for other QCP blogs scheduled for release in the months ahead.

You Asked, We Answered: Find Out on QCP’s YouTube Channel

If you need quick and simple answers to questions about your QCP Licence, project certification and other “administrative” issues, go to YouTube where you will find about 20 videos. Following are examples of the 30- to 60-second videos:

About Licenses & Projects

  • How much is the project certification fee?
  • How much would it cost if I add more sections to my QCP License?
  • If our QCP staff liaison changes in the future, do we have to retake the test?
About Architectural Woodwork
  • What is architectural woodwork?
  • Effects of heat on woodwork.
  • QCP Speaks at AIA Architect Live event.
Visit QCP on YouTube here.
Learn More About QCP at Events & on Social Media

The Quality Certification Program will be represented at the following industry events in 2020:

Construction Specifications Institute
Master Specifiers Retreat
January 29-31, 2020
The Langham Huntington Pasadena
Pasadena, CA

Architectural Woodwork Institute
AWI Spring Leadership Conference
March 8-10, 2010
Renaissance Asheville Hotel
Asheville, NC

Architectural woodwork is showcased on the following social media platforms, incorporating woodwork projects illustrated in editions of AWI’s quarterly journal, Design Solutions. See the following:

  • LinkedIn: AWI Quality Certification Program
AWI seal QCC Staff News
Another QCC Staff Member in the Making?
QCP’s Program Coordinator, Roxanne Accetta, is the proud new mom of Maddox James born on Sept. 16 at 7 lbs., 6 oz.  Now with two little boys, Roxanne and her husband Chris will be busy creating memories and watching them grow.

Fortunately for QCP, Roxanne has returned to her position full-time just in time to handle the 2020 license renewal season as well as all her other responsibilities.  It was a bit crazy in the office while she was on maternity leave and we’re glad she’s back!
AWI seal Season’s Greetings
Happy Holidays!


From our office to yours – have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.  Best wishes for prosperity in the New Year!

From the QCC Board of Directors & Staff

AWI seal QCP Resources
Get Help, Find Answers

Need help with inspection preparation?  Confused about licensing?  Seeking answers to challenging aspects of the Architectural Woodwork Standards?  Turn to QCP Resources to enhance your participation in the Quality Certification Program.

  • QCP Drafting Accreditation webinars on YouTube.  Three webinars are accessible: QCP Individual Drafting Accreditation Course 1 Final, QCP Individual Drafting Accreditation Part 2 Reduced, and QCP Inspection Process.

  • QCP Representatives can answer a myriad of questions about project certification, interpretations of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and more.

Schedule an Inspection
Register a Project
Get Accredited
Contact Us
New QCP Licensees

Congratulations to the following companies that recently earned licenses from QCP. Look for nearly 550 other QCP-licensed woodworkers at

JJ’s Concepts, Inc.
dba Superior Millworks    
Denham Springs, LA    
QCP License Date: 12/04/2019    
AWS Sections: P10.3, P10E, P10.1, P11.1, P11E

Kramer Furniture and Cabinet Makers, Inc.        
Edinburgh, IN    
QCP License Date: 09/03/2019    
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P8.3, P10.3, P11.1, P11.3, P6E1, P8E, P10E, P11E

Morinwood Manufacturing, Inc.
Victoria, BC, Canada
QCP License Date: 10/21/2019    
AWS Sections: P10E, P8.3, P10.1, P11.1, P11.3, P11E, P10.3
Picardie Timber Frame   
New Orleans, LA   
QCP License Date: 10/24/2019   
AWS Section: P6.1   

Rycon Construction   
Oakdale, PA   
QCP License Date: 11/01/2019   
AWS Sections: P5, P6.1, P8.3, P8E, P10E, P11.3, P11E, P6E.1, P11.1, C10.3, P8.1, P10.1, P10.3   

Signature Cabinets   
Dallas, TX   
QCP License Date: 09/11/2019   
AWS Sections: P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11E, P5, P11.3
Sloan & Company, Inc. - Mountain Lakes
Mountain Lakes, NJ   
QCP License Date: 11/01/2019   
AWS Sections: P6.1, P6.2, P8.1, P8.3, P8.4, P10.1, P10.3, P10E, P11.1, P11.2, P11.3, P11E, P8E   

Sloan & Company, Inc. - New Columbia   
Columbia, PA   
QCP License Date: 10/23/2019   
AWS Sections: P8.3, P10.3, P11.1, P11.3, P6.1, P6.2, P8.1, P10.1, P11.2

2019 AWI QCC
Board of Directors

Zach Deas
QCC Chair
Deas Millwork Company

Skip Heidler
QCC Treasurer
Heidler Hardwoods

Michael R. McNulty, Sr. 
QCC Immediate Past-chair
Lutz Woodworks, LLC

Philip Bowers
Advanced Cabinet Systems

Rosa Cheney
Rosa D Cheney AIA, PLLC

Kurt Glauber
Robert A. M. Stern Architects, LLP

David Knochenhauer
McCarthy Holdings, Inc.

Rick Kogler
Architectural Wood
Products, Inc.

Barry Sterling
JC Millwork

Barton Ward
Montbleau & Associates

Phil Duvic*
Architectural Woodwork Institute

Randolph Estabrook
Corporate Secretary
Quality Certification Corporation

* ex officio

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